How to Negotiate Patent Licenses Successfully

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In Leiden (Netherlands)

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    Short course

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    Leiden (Netherlands)

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Are you ready to boost your negotiation skills? Do you want to enrol in one of the best schools? Then this course is just for you.
Emagister has just added to its educational catalogue the short course: How to Negotiate Patent Licenses Successfully endorsed by FORUM Institut für Management.

Successfully negotiating patent licenses requires more than just legal knowledge. In addition to careful preparation, it takes expertise to conduct tactical license negotiations.

Our speakers describe the best way to prepare for your next patent license negotiation, what you should and should not do while negotiating patent licenses, and how to conduct due diligence.

They also provide tried-and-tested tips and tricks for the right action in license negotiation.
You will then be able to test your acquired knowledge and skills in a simulation of a patent license negotiation.

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Start date

Leiden (Netherlands)
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Start date

JuneEnrolment now open

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Course programme

- Preparation of patent license negotiations
- Dos and don'ts in patent license negotiations
- Due diligence review
- Conducting patent license negotiations
- Tactics in patent license negotiations
- Simulation of a patent license negotiation

This practical seminar provides you with the 'soft skills' for the successful negotiation of patent license agreements. Our speakers will show you the dos and don'ts of patent license negotiations.
They will show you how best to prepare for negotiations and what tactics you should follow during negotiations.

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Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz,Intellectual Property Law

How to Negotiate Patent Licenses Successfully

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