ICA Intermediate Construction Award Plastering

In Salisbury

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  • Typology

    Vocational qualification

  • Location


  • Duration

    6 Weeks


Suitable for: People who are not at this moment working in the construction industry or people wishing to change trades, either within the construction industry or not.




Salisbury (Wiltshire)
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South Newton Trading Estate, South Newton, SP2 0QW


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Course programme

All assessments and training are completed within training establishments. All ICA units are related to their equivalent NVQ unit, and will tell you what extra assessment is needed to gain the related NVQ unit once working on site. To achieve this award you must also pass an independent Health & Safety test and a separate knowledge test (knowledge test taken at the centre at mutually agreeable dates).

Units you must complete to achieve this award are as follows:-

  • ICA 100 Store materials & equipment
  • ICA 101 Erect & dismantle basic working platforms
  • ICA 102 Work efficiently
  • ICA 116 Fix sheet materials
  • ICA 117 Internal solid plastering
  • ICA 118 External solid plastering
  • ICA 119 Floor screeding
  • ICA 120 Dry lining - direct bond
  • ICA 121 Basic fibrous plastering
  • ICA 122 Basic repairs to fibrous plastering

Health & Safety will be integral to all of the above units.

The Award/NVQ for which you are registering can be tailored to your requirements:-

1. Week every other month or
2. Week blocks every 3-4 months
3. Six week block syllabus

This is normally discussed on induction before commencement of your course, to ensure mutual (you and centre) requirements. As each individual achieves at different levels of learning, the course can be extended to ensure all units/elements are covered, until you are confident within your chosen trade.

The ICA Award Plastering Route : NVQ Level 2: Plastering

1) This Intermediate Construction Award of Training in Plastering relates to the NVQ Level 2: Plastering as follows:

Unit ICA 100 - Store Materials & Equipment --> NVQ Unit VR03. Store resources ready for use.

  • Unit ICA 101 - Erect & Dismantle Basic Working Platforms --> N/A
  • Unit ICA 102 - Work Efficiently --> NVQ Unit VR02. Contribute to Efficient Working Practices
  • Unit ICA 116 - Fix Sheet Materials --> NVQ Unit VR71. Fix Sheet & Covering Materials & EML to Backgrounds.
  • Unit ICA 117 - Internal Solid Plastering --> NVQ Unit VR66. Produce Internal solid Plastering Finishes.
  • Unit ICA 118 - External Solid Plastering --> NVQ Unit VR67. Produce External solid Plastering Finishes.
  • Unit ICA 119 - Floor Screeding --> NVQ Unit VR69. Provide Floor Screeds.
  • Unit ICA 120 - Dry Lining - Direct Bond --> NVQ Unit VR68. Apply & Fix Dry Lining boards - direct bond.
  • Unit ICA 121 - Basic Fibrous Plastering --> NVQ Unit VR72. Produce Fibrous Plastering Components.
  • Unit ICA 122 - Basic Repairs to Fibrous Plastering --> NVQ Unit VR73. Fix & Repair Fibrous Components.

2) Each ICA Unit tells you what extra assessment you need to gain the related NVQ unit.

3) NVQ assessment must be carried out by a competent, accredited Assessor.

Additional information

Payment options: A £150 deposit will be required upon booking this course, due to registration fee required. Payment £360 a week will be required on commencement of each week & attendance.

ICA Intermediate Construction Award Plastering

Price on request