ILM Level 4 Leadership And Management Studies

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    Vocational qualification Level 4

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    Queensferry (Wales)

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The ILM Level 4 qualifications in Management have been designed to give practising or aspiring middle managers a solid foundation for their formal development. They also act as a bridge from Level 3 to Level 5 qualifications, preparing learners for the more rigorous demands of study at a higher level.

These are the fees for the different qualifications:
Award £395
Certificate £725
Diploma £1900




Queensferry (Flintshire/Sir Fflint)
Rowley's Drive, CH5 1PP


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Different dates availableNow taking bookings

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  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Team management
  • Team Leadership
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Team Building
  • Workplace Law
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Decision Making

Course programme

The Level 4 Award in Management is a concise qualification made up of two mandatory units – Understanding the management role’ and ‘Managing the analysis of secondary data'. Here learners cover research, analysis and group-working skills essential to practising or potential middle managers.

Structure: A minimum of 2 units from Group 1 with a combined credit value between 5min and 12max

The Level 4 Certificate in Management builds and broadens the skills and knowledge gained in the Award. (Please note learners may join the Certificate directly and are not required to undertake the Award as a prerequisite.) Participants complete the same two mandatory units as in the Award but develop further by building up their qualification with a selection of optional units.

Structure: Requires between 13 and 36 Credits from a choice of units from Group 1 & 2 where Grp 1 contains Level 4 units and Grp 2 contains unit at Level 3 and 5. A maximun of 6 credits from Grp 2.

The Level 4 Diploma in Management develops a comprehensive range of middle management skills. (Please note candidates may join the Diploma directly and are not required to undertake the Certificate as a prerequisite.) Learners cover effective decision making and motivation in the workplace in two additional mandatory units and complete their Diploma with a selection of optional units.

Structure: Requires 37 credits or more from a choice of units from Grps 1 & 2. The maximunm allowed from Grp 2 is 18 credits

Flexibility – learners are encouraged to choose from a diverse range of units to build their qualification to suit their needs.

Overview of Units

Grp 1 Units

Ref Unit Title (Credit Values)

  • 8605-400 Understanding the management role to improve management performance (4)
  • 8605-401 Planning and leading a complex activities (4)
  • 8605-402 Managing equality and diversity in own area (4)
  • 8605-403 Managing risk in the workplace (3)
  • 8605-404 Delegating authority in the workplace (3)
  • 8605-405 Developing people in the workplace (5)
  • 8605-406 Developing your leadership style (4)
  • 8605-407 Understanding financial management (3)
  • 8605-408 Management communication (4)
  • 8605-409 Managing personal development (15) (Diploma only)
  • 8605-410 Managing the analysis of secondary data (4)
  • 8605-411 Managing a healthy and safe environment (2)
  • 8605-412 Managing Meetings (3)
  • 8605-413 Managing marketing activities (3)
  • 8605-414 Data collection and analysis to justify management decision making (2)
  • 8605-415 Motivating people in the workplace (2)
  • 8605-416 Solving problems by making effective decisions in the workplace (3)
  • 8605-417 Managing and implementing change in the workplace (6)
  • 8605-418 Understanding organisational culture and context (6)
  • 8605-419 Understanding contemporary society (3)
  • 8605-420 Budgetary planning and control (3)
  • 8605-421 Interpreting financial statements to assess organisational performance using financial ratios (3)
  • 8605-422 Understanding the importance of marketing for an organisation (4)
  • 8605-423 Using quantitative methods to solve management problems (6)
  • 8605-424 Understanding the economics of the market place (6)
  • 8605-425 Developing individual mental toughness (2)
  • 8605-426 Understanding the macro economic environment (7)
  • 8605-427 Developing a culture to support innovation and improvement (3)

ILM Level 4 Leadership And Management Studies

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