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    Short course

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    5 Days

This 5 day hands on plastering course will teach you how to Plasterboard, Plaster, Reskim, Render, Float out, Repairs just read the 5 Day Plastering Course structure below to see what you will achieve. No other Training Provider offers this amount of Intense Plastering in one week. Ideal for beginners or Experienced.



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Asheton Farm Stappleford Abbott, RM4 1JU

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  • Plastering
  • Plasterboarding
  • Scrim tape
  • Plaster
  • Material
  • Artex
  • Glue float
  • Gypsum
  • Skimming
  • Scratch coats
  • Reskim
  • Render

Course programme

5 Day Intensive Plastering courses content Monday Friday Monday Health & Safety Induction In depth discussion and demonstration of plasterboarding ceilings and overboarding existing ceilings including plasterboarding round RSJs You will then plasterboard your Ceiling in your allocated room Learn how to cut and fix Plasterboards correctly then scrim tape the joins Cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns Demonstration and then you will apply 2 coat skim finish (Plaster) to your own ceiling using the correct method and following the procedure for cutting back etc... Tuesday In depth discussions, demonstrations using the correct mixes over all substrates and applying render scratch coats to walled areas Float all the walls as a backing coat we advise students to do as many walls as possible The use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule. Demonstration of Render top coats Apply all Top coat backing coats to standard All Floated out walls will be rubbed up smooth, then on completion devil floated ready for plastering the following day. Wednesday Demonstration of Scrapeback and cut back prior to skimming (applying finish plaster) Demonstrations of skimming window walls, reveals, piers, columns, flat walls Apply 2 coat finish plaster (skim) to all walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point You will then change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls Learn how to apply Direct Bond (dot and dab) correctly using gypsum guidelines In the afternoon you will have a discussion about pricing work, types of plasters, different backgrounds etc Sit a written quotation test so that a good understanding on pricing is calculated You will also prepare your ceilings using Artex patterns prior to the following day. (optional) Thursday This is your new room that you will have to complete in one day You will carry out a glue float and set using bonding Re bead the windows and external corners Re skim (Plaster) the ceilings and walls to a high standard and finish externals with and without beads The bonus to this day is that you are now skimming over Artex. By applying the trowel float trowel method you will skim your artex ceilings and walls all together to consolidate how much you have learnt on the first 3 days all rolled into one day In depth class discussion of completed day Friday Using the correct tools you will learn how to Cove out areas using 4" & 5 "coving Coving out the rooms using various tools for internal, external and offset angles. Using the correct tools you will learn how to complete your own floor screed correctly This will be the day you will finish the rooms off completely with floor screeding to our set FFL. You will also be given up to date information on screeding using various types of insulation such as cellotex, from conservatories to New Builds we have the knowledge and experience. We will also be covering unbonded and bonded floors knowing all regulations to the relevant substrates.

Intensive Plastering Courses

£ 470 + VAT