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    Vocational qualification

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    2 Years



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Huddersfield (West Yorkshire)
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Greenhead Road, HD1 4ES

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About this course

It is possible to study Italian at Greenhead even if you have never studied the language before.

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Course programme


The aims of the Italian course
This course aims to develop the students' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to a high standard, leading to the examination offered by the Edexcel board.

This ab-initio course is especially tailored to meet the needs of students, with intensive tuition and practice leading to the AS exam at the end of the first year

Si parla Italiano

AS - level Italian
This is a one year course in which we study a number of topics including food, health, family, leisure, current affairs, rights and responsibilities, education and the world of work.

As this is an ab-initio course there is strong emphasis on learning vocabulary and grammar, taught via the prescribed topics.

The Edexcel AS level is modular and consists of 2 units, the oral unit taken just after Easter and the other in May/June.
Unit 1 30% 10 minutes Speaking

Unit 2 70% 2 hours 30 minutes Reading - Writing

As with all languages this 50% is the AS half of the A-level qualification.

A - level Italian
The second year of the course builds on the skills acquired at AS level. Grammar and vocabulary are reinforced and extended via more advanced topics such as: technology, multiculturalism, environmental issues.

The Edexcel A - level is modular and consists of the following units, the oral unit taken just after Easter and the written paper in June.
Unit 3 35% 11-13 minutes Speaking

Unit 4 65% 2 hours 30 minutes Reading - Writing

Exchange opportunities
Students are linked up with fellow students in Italy. Regular exchange of e-mails are encouraged with a view to developing a personal exchange programme.


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