Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport


£ 3001-4000


  • Typology

    Vocational qualification Level 6

  • Methodology

    Distance Learning

  • Class hours


  • Duration

    3 Years

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  • Examinations- physical attendance required



Suitable for: New and aspiring senior managers wishing to make the move from operational to strategic management and to develop key skills in the area of leadership.




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The CILT(UK) Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport qualification provides the strategic management skills and tactical insight necessary for professional and business development in the logistics and transport industry. It bridges the gap between the undergraduate CILT(UK) Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport and the postgraduate standard of a Master’s degree.

The Level 6 Advanced Diploma is aimed at managers aspiring to move to more senior, strategic roles within the logistics and transport professional sectors. The qualification is open entry and as such is also suitable for graduates in other disciplines who are entering the sector for the first time, although Learners would benefit from having some prior knowledge of the logistics and transport industry at a strategic level.

There are no formal entry requirements. However, it would be advantages for candidates if they are working in a job that relates to the level of activity covered by the content of the course.

CILT(UK) Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

The distance learning qualification programmes run by the Institute have a rolling format, so you are able to start when it suits you

In short, ‘yes’, as the qualifications are respected around the world and the Institute has many overseas students. The qualifications are regulated and are developed working closely with leading industry representatives to ensure currency and relevance. CILT(UK) and CILT(UK) - Operations Management qualifications are nationally recognised professional qualifications that are regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

The CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre offer our range of qualifications by distance learning, each learner is supported by a Distance Learning Advisor.

CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre fees can be found on the individual qualification pages. Alternatively, please contact the Professional Development department by telephone: 01536 740166 or by email: pd@ciltuk.org.uk.

Please refer to the information about individual qualifications for details about the recommended Guided Learning Hours (GLH). In addition, it is important to note that there are time limits within which the qualification should be completed; these are referred to as Registration Periods: • Award – 1 year • Certificate – 2 years • Professional Diploma – 3 years • Advanced Diploma – 3 years

CILT(UK) is able to offer particular units of its qualifications in the form of CILT(UK) Awards. These Awards enable a Learner to study the units which are relevant or of interest to them. This is particularly useful for those who would like to have their knowledge and expertise recognised in a particular area of logistics and transport but do not necessarily have the time or inclination to complete a full qualification.

CILT(UK) Distance Learning Centre assesses their qualifications by a combination of examinations and assignments depending on the unit. This is referred to as the Institute Assessment Route. Please contact the Professional Development Department for further information, pd@ciltuk.org.uk.

As part of an organisation’s learning and development programme, they may wish to enrol cohorts of learners onto CILT(UK)’s qualifications. CILT(UK) are able to offer tutor support days in this instance based on the company’s needs at an additional cost. This ensures learners are kept on track and benefit from face to face advice or learning. CILT(UK) DLC are also able to offer incremental discounts based on how many learners the organisation enrols in one cohort. For more information, please contact pd@ciltuk.org.uk.

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  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership
  • Project
  • Logistics
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Transport Management
  • Network planning
  • Delivering Strategic Performance
  • Diploma

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Course programme

Course Content

This qualification provides the strategic management skills required for professional and business development for individuals in the logistics and transport sectors. It provides the educational requirement for chartered membership of the Institute and eligibility for the post-nominal’s CMILT.

What does the course cover?

The course comprises of five compulsory units, which consist of a number of elements, these are:

  • Logistics and Transport - Strategic Context
    The global environment
    Resource planning, allocation and use
    Sustainable corporate development
    Competition and risk
  • Leadership and Strategic Management in Logistics and Transport
    Organisational culture
    Ethical management
  • Strategic Network Planning in Logistics and Transport
    Vision and strategy
    Delivering customer service
    Innovation and change
  • Delivering Strategic Performance in Logistics and Transport
    Organisational integration
    Supply strategies
    Logistics performance
  • Research Methods and the Professional Project in Logistics and Transport - double unit
    Research methodology
    Professional project in logistics and transport

How is the qualification assessed?

Assessment for the CILT(UK) Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport can be provided in two ways:

  • Institute Assessment Route
    This route is available to all Centres and to individual candidates. The Institute provides standard assessment materials for Units 1 – 4 and is responsible for assessment, verification and confirmation of results.
  • Centre Assessment Route
    Approved Centres can design and manage their own assessment programmes for Units 1 – 4 of the Advanced Diploma providing that they maintain the quality systems and procedures required by the Institute and have gained formal approval for their assessment programmes.

The CILT(UK) will provide independent assessment of all Unit 5 project reports regardless of which assessment route is used for Units 1 – 4. Element 1 will not be assessed separately, evidence of the outcomes of effective performance and the required knowledge and understanding for that Element will be assessed as part of the assessment of Element 2 – the Professional Project.

The European Logistics Association (ELA) offers a number of European logistics qualifications through the European Certification Board for Logistics (ECBL).


This varies depending on the method of study chosen. As a guide, the course is designed to be completed within 360 study hours. This comprises 60 guided learning hours each for Units 1 – 4 and 120 hours for Unit 5. Candidates should allow 12-24 months to complete the study programme. Candidates have a maximum time limit of three year from commencement to complete the qualification.

Additional information

CILT(UK) Member: £3225 / Non-Member: £3375 plus postage and packagingThis includes your learning materials, your first assessment entry for each unit and access to a Distance Learning Advisor.

Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

£ 3001-4000