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Tired of crash diets, and bland meals? This course does not punish a love of food. Instead, it's about weight loss through creating healthy habits, that will lead to lasting change. Alter your approach to nutrition and improve your mental health under expert guidance.This is designed to be followed as a six week programme.



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About this course

You will understand what goes into your food, discover how to reduce your refined sugar intake and see the importance of drinking water in weight loss.</p><p>Weight loss and Wellbeing coach, Elaine Hilides has over ten years' experience in this field. She brings her expertise to teach you healthy eating habits, how to balance your diet, and delicious recipes for you to try out.</p><p>Lose weight, without losing your appetite and improve your mental health and nutrition. </p>



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Course programme

Welcome to the course
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Lecture 1 Introduction

Week One Tips
Lecture 2 Which bit of your meal do you eat first?
Lecture 3 Do you miss having a Snack?
Lecture 4 But I love the taste of Chocolate and Cake
Lecture 5 What can't you do with Coconut Oil?
Lecture 6 Get out your Smartphone
Lecture 7 Cacao Nibs
Lecture 8 A Fist Full of Food
E-Book: Week One Tips

Chapter One: Do you know how the food you're eating is making you fat?
Lecture 10 What is causing your weight gain?
Lecture 11 Why are trans fats so bad?
Lecture 12 No, No, I only eat natural food
Lecture 13 So how do you avoid chemical additives?
Lecture 14 Now we've taken things out of your diet - what can we put in?
E-Book: Do you know how the food you're eating is making you fat?

Week One Recipes
Lecture 16 Bircher's Muesli
Lecture 17 Vegetable Sushi Nori Rolls
Lecture 18 Parsnip or Cauliflower Rice
Lecture 19 Basil and Tomato Tart
Lecture 20 Mushroom Stroganoff
Lecture 21 Crispy Spinach Pie
Lecture 22 Dairy Free Sugar Free Pineapple Cheesecake
E-Book: Week One Recipes

Week One Worksheet: Detox your Kitchen
Detox your Kitchen

Week Two Tips
Lecture 25 Are all Calories the Same?
Lecture 26 What can Turmeric do for you?
Lecture 27 I don't believe in Affirmations
Lecture 28 Have you ever heard anyone say, \I could kill for a bowl of curly kale\"?
Lecture 29 Labels are for Tin Cans
Lecture 30 Cinnamon
Lecture 31 What is Dopamine?
E-Book: Week Two Tips

Chapter Two: Are you a Food Addict?
Lecture 33 Do you think that you're addicted to food?
Lecture 34 And here's the scientific stuff
Lecture 35 What addiction isn't!
Lecture 36 I've got my mum's slow metabolism
E-Book: Are you a Food Addict?

Week Two Recipes
Lecture 38 Hummus and Rice pot
Lecture 39 Leek and Potato soup
Lecture 40 Falafel Burgers
Lecture 41 Tomato Salsa
Lecture 42 Guacamole
Lecture 43 Banana"

Mental Health and Nutrition

£ 13 VAT inc.