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Create rapport with anyone quickly and easily. Naturally influence and understand others deeply. Have the mental agility to answer your own questions. Put yourself back in control of your emotional states. Charismatically be persuasive in all communications. Have the skills & know-how to help your loved-ones, friends & colleagues. Have the abilities & confidence to be in charge of achieving your dreams. Be effective & powerful in coaching anyone in any situation. Gain personal alignment and congruence in all you choose to accomplish.
Suitable for: Coaches - that require exquisite skills to help transform their clients lives easily and effectively. Executive Coaches - and those in managing roles that require elegant and effective ways to coach on and off the job and make a difference. New business owners - who need guaranteed ways of making their business work first time, all the time and in profit. Sales professionals - to those that wish to make a significant difference to the relationships with their clients and provide a more rewarding experience for them so that they remain loyal and want to buy more from them

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Bracknell (Berkshire)
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Wood Lane, RG42 4EX


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Teachers and trainers (1)

Robert Ballentine

Robert Ballentine

Senior Partner & Director of Training - Origyn

Robert is the Principle Partner of Origyn. He is a highly qualified and experienced NLP Trainer with over 20 years experience in training, sales and business management. A certified trainer by Robert Dilts one of the developers of NLP. He has also had extensive training with Dr. John Grinder - co-originator of NLP Robert delivers training to public and corporate markets, from management development to the NLP Practitioner master-track courses. He also provides personal coaching for senior management as well as private individuals.

Course programme

NLP Practitioner Training Course

Our programme has been designed to enhance your personal and professional life. Known for its change and influencing techniques you will be able to overcome any of the fears and obstacles that may stand in your way of achieving your goals and outcomes.

What will I learn on this NLP Practitioner Course?

On this NLP certification course you will learn the core principles of NLP that underlay the structure of human behaviour and development, the main principles and structure of persuasion and influence, communication, how you create and can change your habits.

This NLP Practitioner course has been designed using an accelerated learning system, this means the NLP you learn is through 'Unconscious Assimilation'.

The heart of NLP

  • Rapport - Get in “sync” with anyone where you can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships through unconscious interaction
  • Calibration - You will learn the art of responding to non-verbal messages and stop second guessing what someone else is thinking
  • Representational systems - How you comprehend your experience so that you know how to communicate effectively with anyone
  • Epistemology - You will learn the foundation of beliefs, perceptions and values, and your behaviours which flow from them, so that you can create ones that are more compelling, satisfying and enriching of who you are and where you want to be

NLP Patterns

  • Submodalities – The building blocks of your mind and what drivers can change any experience
  • Anchoring formats – How you can create powerful, high performance mental and emotional states
  • Time Lines – You will learn how time influences your perception and how to use it for things like, Strategic Planning, Changing Personal History, Creating Certainty, Diffusing Expectations and much more...
  • Subconscious Signals – Working with your sub-conscious for creative solutions to problems where you just don't know the answer
  • Strategies – How to use and design internal processes you use to make decisions, get motivated, learn & do anything

Language for a Change

  • The Meta- Model - You will discover the true art of elegant questioning and persuasion
  • The Milton-Model – Here you will learn entrancing language that is effective for business, marketing, sales and transformative change
  • Verbal Package – Understanding and using precision questioning techniques for inquiry
  • Metaphor – Know how to use metaphor to get your message across without any resistance
  • Vocal dynamics – Influencing the way people respond to you using vocal dynamics and changing the way they thinkby the change in your tone of voice

Powerful Change & Influence

  • nStep Reframe – Learn how you can create powerful change for your personal evolution and health
  • The Swish Pattern – Have habits you don't want? This is the technique to change them
  • Phobia Cure – Do you have a phobia that you wish would just go? Learn this and know how cure phobias or fears
  • Parts Integration – Learn how to negotiate and resolve any conflict
  • New Code NLP – You will learn the wisdom of using your unconscious processes to generate new ways of acting, being and behaving
  • Framing Formats – Learn your mental mind sets and how to influence change by understanding the frames we put around them
  • PACER – You will discover the directive goal and measurement tool that makes making decisions easy and effective

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