NVQ Level 3 Retail Operations


In Belfast City

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    Belfast city (Northern Ireland)

Suitable for: The Apprenticeship in Retail Operations is ideal for full-time, 16-24 year old employees who are currently working within the retail sector.

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Belfast City (County Antrim)
Unit 18, Dairy Farm Centre, Stewartstown Road,, BT17 OAW

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Course programme

This qualification is suitable for those who are currently working in the role of a senior sales assistant or team leader within the retail sector. The candidate will ideally be competent in a wide range of retail work activities. The qualification can be undertake in three different strands:

Retail Sales Professional
Retail Management
Retail Visual Merchandising

To achieve the award, the candidate must complete 6 units – 1 mandatory and 5 optional units.

Mandatory units

The mandatory unit is:

E8 – Work effectively in your retail organisation

Optional Units

The candidate is also required to complete 5 optional units to be chosen from the following list:

Unit C.7 Process part exchange sales transactions in a retail environment
Unit C.14 Provide specialist support in helping customers to make purchases in a retail environment
Unit C.30 Develop individual retail service opportunities
Unit C.31 Provide a personalised sales and after-sales service to your retail clients

Stock Management
Unit B.14 Organise the receipt and storage of goods in a retail environment
Unit B.15 Audit stock levels and stock inventories in a retail environment

Product expertise
Unit B.22 Monitor and help improve food safety in a retail environment
Unit C.38 Assist customers to obtain appropriate insurance

Unit B.16 Source required goods and services in a retail environment

Unit C.13 Maintain the availability of goods for sale to customers in a retail environment

Management and leadership
Unit E.9 Help to manage a retail team
Unit E.12 Plan, monitor and adjust staffing levels and schedules in a retail environment

Finance and administration
Unit C.15 Enable customers to apply for credit and hire purchase facilities

Customer service
Unit E.17 Monitor and evaluate the quality of service provided by external suppliers to your customers
Only one unit can count towards the qualification when chosen from Units D.5, D.6, D.7, D.8 and D.9:
Unit D.5 Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
Unit D.6 Improve the customer relationship
Unit D.7 Work with others to improve customer service
Unit D.8 Monitor and solve customer service problems
Unit D.9 Promote continuous improvement in customer service

Organisational Effectiveness
Unit E.11 Help to monitor and maintain the security of the retail unit

A maximum of one unit can be chosen from the following units at Level 2:
Product expertise – Level 2 units
Unit B.10 Process bake-off products for sale in a retail environment
Unit B.11 Process fish and shellfish for sale in a retail environment
Unit B.12 Process greengrocery products for sale in a retail environment
Unit B.13 Finish meat products by hand in a retail environment
Unit B.17 Contribute to dough production control and efficiency
Unit B.18 Select, weigh and measure dough ingredients
Unit B.19 Hand divide, mould and shape fermented dough
Unit C.17 Provide the lingerie fitting service in a retail environment
Unit C.35 Promote beauty products to retail customers

Information relating to the unit choice for the other strands of the qualification are available on request.

NVQ Level 3 Retail Operations

Price on request