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Course programme

You will be asked to complete a written assessment in your chosen subject and asked to provide evidence of grades and/or achievements before enrolment can be completed.

Students who do not meet the entry criteria are expected to undertake diagnostic tests in literacy and/or numeracy.

OPEN LEARNING is a way of studying by a 'non-traditional' method, where you can study at your own pace and fit in your learning with work and family commitments. It is ideal for anyone who is unable to attend classes on a regular basis. This course is perfect if you want to achieve an AS for further study, work or just out of interest

The study of psychology will help you to
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of concepts, theories and studies in relation to Cognitive, Developmental, Social and Biological Psychology and Individual Differences.
  • Develop skills of analysis, evaluation and application
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of research methods associated with each of the areas of psychology studied
  • Analyse and evaluate research studies relevant to each of the areas of psychology studied
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of ethical issues associated with each of the areas studied
  • Demonstrate and appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of How Science Works through their study of psychology.
The course has been written in a practical and interactive style with activities and self-check questions. The course materials are ?
  • a study guide and student handbook containing valuable study skills advice
  • a subject introduction and course guide explaining the course and the specification
  • self-contained topics that are structured to help you learn
  • an assignment guide designed to help you complete your assignments
  • a glossary and index so that you are never far from the information you need
  • An exam book with important advice and guidance.
You will need to obtain the following book for this course:

Psychology AS for AQA A by Cardwell, Clark and Meldrum, (4th edition) Collins Education 2008, ISBN

A2 Psychology


Mode of study - open/distance learning.

Study time - Each of the topics is self-contained. If you intend to take the exam and plan on studying every topic, you will need to study for at least 5 hours per week for approximately 9 months.

Duration - all AS Level subjects are studied over one academic year.

Start date - enrolment can take place anytime throughout the year but AS Level exams are set for May/June and January. It is therefore a good idea to enrol at the earliest opportunity to give you the maximum amount of time to complete the course.

Examination structure - This course will prepare you to sit the AS Units for the AQA 2180 specification. These units can be taken individually in the months indicated below (modular assessment) or altogether at the end of the full 'A' level course (linear assessment).

AS Unit 1: 1 hour 30 minutes 50% of the total AS marks; availability: January and JuneAS Unit 2: 1 hour 30 minutes; 50% of the total AS marks; availability: January and June
Subjects covered by the course

Unit 1: Research Methods: cognitive and developmental psychology

Part 1: Research methods

Topic 1: Research methods and techniques

Topic 2: Investigation design

Topic 3: Data analysis and presentation

Part 2: Cognitive psychology - memory

Topic 4: Models of memory

Topic 5: Memory in everyday life

Part 3: Developmental psychology ? early social development

Topic 6: Attachment

Topic 7: Attachments in everyday life

Unit 2: Biological and social psychology and individual differences

Part 1: Biological psychology - stress

Topic 1: Stress as a bodily response

Topic 2: Stress in everyday life: sources of stress

Topic 3: Stress in everyday life: approaches to stress management

Part 2: Social psychology - social influence

Topic 4: Conformity and obedience

Topic 5: Social influence in everyday life

Part 3: Individual differences - psychopathology

Topic 6: Defining psychological abnormality

Topic 7: Approaches to psychopathology

Topic 8: Treating abnormality

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AS Psychology

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