Quark Quarkxpress - Introduction (Quark Authorised)

In London, Sutton, Surrey, Nottingham

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    2 Days


A practical project based course on which you will learn how to create a variety of documents, ranging from single page layouts to complex multi-page publications, which combine text and graphic elements. The topics and features listed below will be taught on the course, giving you a thorough grounding in the fundamental processes involved in producing professional documentation in QuarkXPress.
Suitable for: The course is suitable for those with little or no previous experience of QuarkXPress or those who are self taught.




London, Sutton, Surrey, Nottingham (Surrey)
Mekon House, 31-35 St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, Sm1 1jn, SM1 1JN


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Familiarity with the operating system and the keyboard is a course prerequisite.

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Course programme

Course Outline

An introduction to the working environment

  • Setting document preferences

  • An overview of the Toolbox

  • Creating a new document

  • Setting page size and margins

  • Setting columns and gutters

  • Saving QuarkXPress documents

  • Magnification and view options

  • Using keyboard shortcuts

  • Setting the zero point

  • Placing guidelines and showing invisibles

    Working with text boxes

  • Creating text boxes

  • Inputting text

  • Manipulating text boxes

  • Applying a frame

  • Using the measurement palette

  • Precise positioning of boxes

  • Multiple selections

  • Locking and unlocking items

  • Copying and duplicating items

  • Grouping and ungrouping items

  • Manipulating the order of items


  • Applying colour to items

  • Using solid and blended colour


  • Methods of selecting text

  • Introduction to typography and understanding typography

  • Text on a path effects

  • Running text along shapes terms

  • Using picas & points

    Formatting type

  • Using different typefaces, styles and type sizes

  • Understanding leading

  • Using paragraph spacing

  • Understanding tracking & kerning

  • Creating text along paths

  • Creating drop caps in paragraphs

  • Setting bulleted paragraphs

  • Setting rules above and below paragraphs

  • Setting and editing tabs

  • Creating tabs with leaders

    Style sheets

  • Creating, formatting and editing paragraph styles

  • Creating, formatting and editing character styles

  • Applying styles to paragraphs

  • Basing styles on existing styles

  • Viewing used and unused styles


  • Creating picture boxes

  • Importing image files

  • Cropping images

  • Manipulating image files using keyboard shortcuts

  • Manipulating image files using the measurement palette

  • Sizing and scaling images

  • Removing picture backgrounds using clipping paths

  • Rotating and skewing graphics

  • Integrating text & graphics

  • Wrapping text around images and items

  • Understanding the different types of runarounds

    Master pages

  • Creating single & double sided master pages

  • Creating running headers/footers

  • Customising master pages

  • Duplicating master pages

  • Applying master pages

  • Modifying & editing master pages

  • Understanding how to manually link and unlink text across pages

  • Understanding automatic text boxes

  • Using automatic page numbering across long documents

  • Creating a multi page spread


  • Printing QuarkXPress files

  • Understanding Collect for Output

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  • Quark Quarkxpress - Introduction (Quark Authorised)

    £ 425 + VAT