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In Southampton

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    Short course

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Southampton (Hampshire)
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22-24 High Street, Hythe, Southampton, So45 6ah

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On request

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Course programme

We now offer Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses. You can enroll on level 2 if you have already qualified in level 1. You will receive certification. No previous qualifications are required.

Level 1 = 1 day

Reiki is a hands- on healing system and is practiced as a form of complimentary therapy. Reiki energy will go where it is needed and the client can feel totally relaxed and in a state of complete calm. You do not need to have therapy qualifications to become a Reiki practitioner. It is also extremely beneficial to the practitioner helping to balance on many levels. This workshop will cover attunement and the required practical skills to become familiar with positioning of hands and the sensations felt.

Level 2 = 2 days

Advance your skills, discuss your experiences with level 1 and learn how to attune to a higher level. Comprehensive manuals are issued to support your learning. Your training will consist of practical and theory.


£ 130


Sat 21st Feb


£ 130 + VAT