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SAP Controlling Training-SAP CO online Training

The SAP Costing module interfaces with all entity that has a cash value associated with it. It requires into consideration the different cost-centers and all the linked costs : equipment, material, labor and services. The same holds true for the profit centers. This costing module has a provision for product-based costing (which could fail to care particular fixed costs accurately ) as well as activity-based costing which is interpreted more scientific and supplies for cross-functional apportioning of all the drivers of these prices.

Controlling Area:

  1. CO. Org. Structure
  2. Maintain Controlling Area
  3. Maintain Number Ranges
  4. Maintain Versions

Cost Element Accounting:

  1. Manual Creation of Cost Elements
  2. Automatic Creation of Cost elements

Cost Center Accounting

  1. Creation of Cost Center
  2. Define Cost Center Group
  3. Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
  4. Posting to the Cost Center,
  5. Display CO. Document
  6. Display Actual Line Items
  7. Statistical Key Figures
  8. Reposting Of Line Items
  9. Reposting of Cost (Manually)
  10. Periodic Reposting
  11. Distribution, Distribution cycles
  12. Run Distribution cycles
  13. Assessment, Assessment Cycles
  14. Run the assessment Cycles
  15. Planning
  16. Differences between periodic reposting& Distribution
  17. Differences between distribution and assessment.

Internal Orders

  1. Activate Order Management in CO. Area
  2. Maintain Settlement Profile, Number Ranges for Settlement Documents
  3. Maintain Allocation Structure
  4. Define Order Type, Number Ranges for Orders
  5. Creation of Internal Orders
  6. Define Settlement Rule in Order Master Data
  7. Posting of Values Statistical and Real
  8. Settlement of order
  9. Planning

Profit Center Accounting

  1. Dummy Profit Center
  2. Creation of Profit centers.
  3. Assign Cost Center to Profit Center
  4. Automatic Account Assignment of Revenue Elements
  5. Number Ranges for Documents
  6. Posting Revenue and Expenses
  7. Planning.

Profitability Analysis

  1. Define Operating Concern
  2. Value fields &Characteristics
  3. Assigning SD conditions types to CO-PA value fields
  4. Report in report painter

Product Costing(BASICS)

  1. Define Material Master
  2. Creation of work center
  3. Define Routing
  4. Price Calculation
  5. Costing sheet

SAP Controlling Training - Sap Co Online Training

Price on request