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  • Type

    Vocational qualification

  • Location

    Cardiff (Wales)

  • Duration

    3 Days

1. Introduction to setting out. 2. Conversion of design information to setting out data. 3. Calculation of polar rectangular and grid co-ordinates. 4. Levelling operations used in set finished levels. 5. Setting out by co-ordinates using electronic survey equipment. 6. Setting out by angle and horizontal distance. 7. Setting out and installing profile boards and batter rails. 8. Survey checks and as-built drawings using digital information.
Suitable for: Construction industry professionals who wish to update their existing Setting out skills or who are in the early part of their career and wish to gain practical experience in Setting out in the construction industry.

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  • Surveying and Setting out



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42 Crwys Road, Cathays, CF24 4NN

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About this course

Delegates are required to have some experience in Civil Engineering or a similar field.

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Course programme

Course review:

This course has been developed to provide a general overview of basic setting out techniques using manual and electronic equipment related to the transfer of design information to produce data for setting out on site.

The course will give the candidate a brief insight and understanding of setting out principles and equipment. Candidates will gain practical experiences in the use of manuals and electronic equipment to successfully implement co-ordinated setting out position of points, profiles and batter rails. These will also include on-site calculations and the installation of ‘profiles’ and ‘batter rails’ for trench work, earthwork and road construction.

Setting Out

£ 800 + VAT