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SQL Advanced Course

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In London, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and 5 other venues
  • PCWorkshops
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Typology Short course
Level Intermediate
Location At 8 venues
Duration 2 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • At 8 venues
  • Duration:
    2 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

Are you ready to level up in the SQL world? learn more about it with this course offered by Emagister and imparted by PCWorkshops is for you!

At the beginning you’ll learn about SQL Sub- Queries, in the Where, select from or Having clauses, different clauses in the self- contained sub-queries. Correlated sub-queries and the ones with EXISTS predicate.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about Derived tables and CTEs (Common Table Expressions) using SQL derived tables, creating, altering and dropping views and indexes. Parameters and return values, looping, cursors and many other factors that will boost your skills.

This course includes an assessment-based SQL course certificate, including the notes, practical exercises, revisions of your work and also coffee and tea.

In order to prepare you for the certification, you’ll have one free session via Skype or TeamViewer for questions online. (Maximum groups of 4 students).

So, if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact PCWorkshops through Emagister.

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Facilities (8)
Where and when



Berlin (Germany)
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Timetable: Email us to arrange


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Birmingham (West Midlands)
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One Victoria Square, B1 1BD


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Hannover (Germany)
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Timetable: Email us to arrange


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Köln (Germany)
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Timetable: Email us to arrange


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
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8 Duncannon Street, WC2N 4JF


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Manchester (Greater Manchester)
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Pall Mall, 82 King Street, M2 4WQ


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)
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Exchange House, 494 Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 2EA


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Portsmouth (Hampshire)
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Lakeside North Harbour Western Road Building 1000 Ground Floor, PO6 3EZ


Different dates availableNow taking bookings
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To take into account

· Who is it intended for?

In works professionals. University students

· Requirements

SQL Queries, Aggregates, Joins.

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Reviews on this course

A. Kraney
5.0 13/09/2017
What I would highlight: I am familiar with SQL and after taking this advance course, I feel more confident with my old skills and feel even better that I learnt something new. Thank you.
What could be improved: n/a
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Database Management
Database training
SQL Database
SQL Server
Data Types
SQL queries
Testing conditions
Basic transactions
Beginning a transaction
Rolling back

Teachers and trainers (1)

Mary Smith
Mary Smith

How Mary Smith teaches: I am consultative, flexible and understanding. I appreciate the trust given to me. What Mary Smith teaches: Databases, MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, MySQL, Access Database, Excel, MS Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, MS SQL Server Report Builder. Java Coding Basics.

Course programme

SQL Sub-queries ·Sub-queries in the WHERE, SELECT, From or Having clauses ·Using SOME, ALL, ANY and IN clauses in the Where Clause ·Self-contained sub-queries ·Correlated sub-queries ·Sub-queries with the EXISTS predicate
Derived Tables and CTEs ·Using SQL derived tables ·SQL Common Table Expressions (CTEs) ·Recursive CTEs
Views: Create, alter and drop Views, Indexes
SQL Stored Procedure Basics ·Stored Procedure Principles ·Creating stored procedures ·Executing stored procedures ·System stored procedures
Variables ·Declaring variables ·SET versus SELECT
Parameters and Return Values ·Passing parameters ·Default values and WHERE clauses ·Output parameters ·Using RETURN Testing Conditions ·The IF/ELSE statement ·CASE ·CHOOSE
Looping ·Syntax of SQL WHILE ·Breaking out of a loop ·Basic transactions ·Beginning a transaction ·Committing/rolling back ·Deleting and updating ·Using DELETE and UPDATE ·Sys.Objects ·Dropping objects User defined Functions Table Valued Functions ·In-line table-valued functions ·Multi- Statement table-valued functions ·Limitations of user-defined functions Scalar Functions ·What are scalar functions? ·Some examples ·Disadvantages of scalar functions ·Three advantages
Cursors ·Syntax of fetching rows ·When to use (and when not to)
Triggers Create or replace triggers
Creating Tables in SQL ·Create, alter and drop Tables ·Inserting values, single rows and multiple rows using queries
Constraints: Not Null Unique Default Check Primary Key Foreign Key Identity / Auto-increments
Sequencing Indexes
SQL Temporary Tables and Table Variables ·Create and use SQL temporary tables ·Create and use SQL table variables ·SQL Tables vs. Table Variables
Error-Handling ·SQL TRY/CATCH ·SQL System error functions ·Customizing SQL error messages ·@@ error function
Debugging ·The SQL Server debugger, Debugging (breakpoints, etc.)

Additional information

Sub-Queries, CTE's, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Creating Tables, Local and Global Temp Tables