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Thai Massage - a distance learning course by BSY Greater than a series of techniques applied to the external physical body, Thai massage involves soft tissue manipulation, but its emphasis is on stretching and relaxing the body to do work on the energy flow within. The spiritual element of Thai Massage is vital and practitioners must work in the spirit of loving kindness and compassion. Learning how to administer Thai massage in this way is a healing experience for both giver and receiver.




Dunsland Cross (Devon)
EX22 7YT


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  • Thai Massage
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Course programme

Training Course Content

The course syllabus is structured as follows:

  • Lesson One
    • Introduction
      • History
      • Buddhist Influences
      • Yoga
    • Promoting Good Health
      • Touch
      • Benefits of Thai Massage
      • Applications of Thai Massage
      • Contra-indications
    • Getting Started
      • Positioning
      • Focus
      • Mantras
      • Honouring the Teacher
  • Lesson Two
    • Enhancing Relaxation
      • The Physical Environment
      • Putting the Client at Ease
      • The Practitioner's Attitude
      • Body Positioning
      • Breathing
      • Physical Relaxation
      • Pace
    • Principles of Thai Massage
      • Masculine/Feminine
      • Gravity
      • Energy Lines
    • Massage Sequence Overview
  • Lesson Three
    • Thai Massage Techniques
      • Pressing
      • Leaning Pressure
      • Manipulation
      • Stretching
      • Blood Stopping
      • Body Mechanics
    • The Sequence
      • First Contact
      • Feet
  • Lesson Four
    • The Sequence (Continued)
      • Legs
      • Legs, Hips and Back
  • Lesson Five
    • Chest and Abdomen
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
    • Arms and Hands
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
    • Shoulders, Neck and Head
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
    • The Side-lying Position
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
  • Lesson Six
    • Prone Position
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
    • Sitting
      • Introduction
      • The Techniques
  • Lesson Seven
    • Ethics in Thai Massage
    • Other Aspects of Thai Massage
      • Royal and Commoner Styles
      • Herbal Compresses
      • Herbal Saunas
      • Expressing Yourself through Thai Massage
      • Looking after Yourself

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Thai Massage

Price on request