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Course programme

The Knowledge Academy Time Management Training 1 day course covers the following topics:


Time Management is a two-day course which will help you daily. Many people use a schedule to organise their time, but there are other methods. Not only does it play a role in business, but it is also very useful in your personal life. On this course, you will gain knowledge about better ways to make your time useful rather than wasting it on unnecessary tasks.


This training course is suitable for anyone; it has no prerequisites.

Who Should Attend?

This course can be attended by anyone who wants to learn a variety of techniques to improve their time management skills so that they can achieve more.

Course Objectives
  • Evaluate your activities
  • Managing conflicts in your schedule
  • Attain a better result through effective planning
  • Manage your resources more efficiently
  • Create an action plan to apply in the workplace
  • Describe your values, goals and targets
  • Building an effective time management system
  • Learn the importance of schedule making
  • Various techniques to achieve more
  • Increasing your productivity and accountability
Course Structure

This training course lasts two days.

  • On the first day, you will learn how to manage a schedule, how to set goals and objectives, prioritisation, introduction to scheduling and exploring your growth.
  • On the second day, the following topics will be covered: Introduction to Routines, Managing a Meeting, Delegation and Technology Management.

Course Outline

This course will cover the following topics:

Section A:


  • The importance of organisation
  • Role of an organiser when managing a schedule
  • Building a daily activity log to maintain your schedule
  • Fundamental skills for managing a schedule
  • Features of a schedule

Identify Objectives and Goals

  • Introduction to goal setting
  • Trait theory
  • Identify the principles of goal setting
  • SMART goals

Effective Time Management

  • Identify different tasks
  • Examine how to manage your time in an efficient manner
  • Identify energy flow

Exploring Your Growth

  • Organise regular reviews
  • Difference between planned and actual use
  • Monitoring the results

Introduction to Scheduling

  • Long-Term scheduling
  • Medium-Term Scheduling
  • Short-Term Scheduling
  • Task scheduling

Creating a Plan

  • Making an action plan
  • Role of planning
  • Executing a plan
  • Assess methods of making a schedule

Overview of Priority Task

  • Prioritisation
  • The difference between urgency and importance
  • Creating a paired comparison analysis tool
  • Pareto analysis technique
  • Grid analysis tool for decision-making

Section B

Introduction to Routines

  • About routines
  • Setting a routine
  • Using routine to manage an effective time-span

Establishing Your Work

  • Gathering Tools
  • Successful Skills which helps you to maintain your schedule

Manage a Meeting

  • Various meetings for different purposes
  • Planning for a meeting


  • Maintaining a log
  • Interruptions
  • Tools to use for evaluation


  • About delegates
  • The delegation Process
  • The advantages of delegation

Managing Scheduling Technology

  • Required tools and skills
  • Using technology for your benefits
  • Managing technology
  • Paper Handling

Benefits of Course

Time Management Training offers a variety of benefits:

  • Managing your time effectively to organise your workload
  • Get more work done in less time
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Improve your planning and forecasting skills

Additional information

  • Welcome to the world's largest Personal Development company
  • Effective prioritisation skills to improve efficiency
  • Time Management Training in luxury nationwide venues
  • Time Management includes manuals and certificates
  • Small class sizes for optimum delegate-trainer interaction
  • Courses delivered by world class Time Management Training instructors
  • Book Online or Call 01344 203999 to speak to a training advisor today

Time Management Training

£ 199 + VAT