TOC-Lean Flow Manufacturing for MRO and Production

In Melton Mowbray

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    Melton mowbray

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    2 Days


To enable a firm foundation on which to build the implementation plan for the company. Suitable for individual companies. Personnel should be drawn from the key areas of Production, Planning, Purchasing, Sales, Engineering and Quality.




Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire)
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22 Digby Drive, LE13 0RQ


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Course programme

This workshop for manufacturing or Maintain & Repair companies explores the dramatic improvement to the bottom-line that TOC-Lean can achieve when applied to manufacturing or workshop flow. The workshop uses computer simulations in order to determine the real issues that affect such companies in their desire to achieve the goal – to make money now and in the future, to satisfy the market in terms of delivery performance, due date and lead time, with zero defect as a given. The approach is known as TOC-Lean which is a fusion between two powerful and complementary philosophies with proven track record in companies all around the world.

This approach also requires the alignment of the other functions within the workshop or manufacturing environment such as planning, purchasing, engineering, QA etc in order to achieve 100% on-time, in full deliveries, in a reducing lead time with zero defect as a given.

Day One
We use simple interactive computer simulations using a simulated production plant to try to manage fast flow within the operations environment and we analyse why such management is so difficult when using conventional, non-TOC methods:

  • Why is the lead time so long?
  • Why is the Due Date Performance < 70%?
  • Why are we not making money?
  • Why are expediting all the time?
  • Why are we constantly re-scheduling?

And this is a fictional plant with no issues related to quality, no issues related to machine breakdowns, the people work a full eight hour day, five day week, suppliers supply when asked and the market demand is fixed and known in advance, so what is happening? Why are we making a loss? We analyse this, and introduce the following:

  • The response from the perspective of TOC-Lean
  • The lessons from Dr Goldratt's seminal book 'The Goal'
  • The Five Focusing Steps

Better, although still way short of what is possible within the plant - but at least we are making money!

This plant is now running at its optimal level – and you will have learned how to do it for yourselves. The comparisons between the runs shows a process of improvement which works by focusing on those key aspects of the business that act as the real levers for enhancing performance – the constraint.

Day Two
This day builds on the lessons of day one in order to work through the process of constructing robust schedules for any plant configuration.

  • Learning how to align the other key functions within the company
  • The importance of mapping the value stream
  • Assessing the current position through the use of the Lean Scorecard
  • Working through the necessary steps to implement TOC-Lean into your organisation
  • The key steps in the implementation
  • Developing the outline implementation plan
  • Where to start tomorrow

Additional information

Payment options: £750.00 + VAT per person
Students per class: 10

TOC-Lean Flow Manufacturing for MRO and Production

£ 750 + VAT