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Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter

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This course has been created for test managers, testers, business analysts, designers, developers, administrators and anyone interested in planning and performing web application performance tests. It covers how to set up a non-functional requirements, which indicators are most important in specific implementations, how to create a performance test plan, implement it in JMeter.
Suitable for: Participant should know how to create or record a test plan in JMeter.

To take into account

Participant should know how to create or record a test plan in JMeter.

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  • Interpreting
  • Monitoring
  • Testing
  • Application Analysis
  • Database
  • Proxy
  • Web accessibility
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  • Planning
  • Monitoring Tools

Course programme

Course review:

Performance Testing Fundamentals

Stress testing
Load testing
Soak testing
Running multiple threads
Setting rump-up period
Threads and users

Distributed Testing

Configuring servers
Gathering results

Submitting Forms

Extracting form ID or checksums
Generating sequence or random data
Getting data from database
Recording forms with a JMeter proxy server
Submitting data recorded in log files

Managing Sessions

Session managers
Session per thread
Session per user

Load Distribution

Using Apache log files to determine distribution
Analysing distribution and creating appropriate test plans
Gaussian Random Timer

Other Resources and Load Time

Java scripts
JMeter and HTTP headers policy (browser and proxy caching)

Resource Monitoring

Monitoring and analysing CPU resources
Monitoring database queries
Monitoring memory utilization
Monitoring network traffic
Running monitoring tools periodically

Analysing and Interpreting Load Test Results

Running tests at night and creating periodical reports
Statistics available from JMeter
Sample, Average, Median, Deviation, Throughput
Response time graphs
Margins of Error
Analysing results with Excel
Interpreting statistical results
Finding the bottlenecks
Regression and correlations

Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter

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