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UKs No1 Training Centre of Excellence. We believe that Goldtrowel offers the best training in the UK. Our new facility has all the workings and scenarios of most domestic dwellings. We have de12ated Instructors and Assessors, skilled in their profession, not only that, we make sure that you complete all the modules listed below. We have endless of meterage for big hitters, but most importantly, you leave us confident and competent in all your work that you have achieved during this Intensive but very rewarding weekend Internal Plastering Course.



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Asheton Farm Stappleford Abbott, RM4 1JU

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About this course

Any person wishing to learn, bearing in mind plastering, rendering and pebbledashing are hands on trades.
If you want to learn plastering for DIY purposes or for advancement in your profession then these courses are ideal.
They are also great for builders, painters, bricklayers, and other construction trades who wish to advance their careers.

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  • Plastering
  • Reskim Ceiling
  • Skimming
  • Window walls
  • PVA float
  • Scratch coats
  • Gypsum
  • Scrapeback
  • Plasterboard
  • Scrim tape

Course programme

Saturday: Practical Hands On: You will skim (plaster) ceilings and walls during this course and also complete the following below: Health & Safety Induction In depth discussion and demonstration of plasterboarding ceilings and overboarding existing ceilings including plasterboarding round RSJs You will then plasterboard your Ceiling in your allocated room Learn how to cut and fix Plasterboards correctly then scrim tape the joins Cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns Demonstration and then you will apply 2 coat skim finish (Plaster) to your own ceiling using the correct method and following the procedure for cutting back etc... Sunday: Practical Hands On: Reskim Ceiling by applying 2 coats of finish plaster Demonstration of Scrapeback and cut back prior to skimming (applying finish plaster) Demonstrations of skimming window walls, reveals, piers, columns, flat walls Apply 2 coat finish plaster (skim) to all walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point You will then change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls Learn how to apply Direct Bond (dot and dab) correctly using gypsum guidelines In the afternoon you will have a discussion about pricing work, types of plasters, different backgrounds etc

Weekend Plastering Course

£ 240 + VAT