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Android Studio App development 2-day course

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    Short course

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  • Duration

    2 Days


Learn the basics of Android by taking this short 2 day course. Starting from the basics, going through GUI, databases and touching the more advanced concepts of Android.

To take into account

Candidates will learn the basics of Android by understanding the overview, the architecture and the application components by combining it with the user interface. As the technology is still evolving, we will also point out techniques that will help keep up to the trends today.

Everyone with an interest in Android app development

Must be familiar with Java basics and OO

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What you'll learn on the course

  • GUI programming
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Database
  • GPS
  • Application Development
  • Programming Application
  • Mobile
  • Android
  • Android Studio
  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Android
  • Mobile

Teachers and trainers (1)

Mary  Smith

Mary Smith


How Mary Smith teaches: I am consultative, flexible and understanding. I appreciate the trust given to me. What Mary Smith teaches: Databases, MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, MySQL, Access Database, Excel, MS Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, MS SQL Server Report Builder. Java Coding Basics.

Course programme

Course Contents:

Android Studion Basics

  • Android - Home
  • Android - Overview
  • Android - Environment Setup

Android - User Interface

  • UI Layouts & UI Controls & Event Handling
  • Templates
  • Custom Fonts and Formats
  • Widgets: Receiving user input and responding
  • Loading Spinners, Progress Circle, ProgressBar
  • Spelling Checker, Auto Complete
  • Create a calculator and a responsive grid for a game



  • SQLite Database

  • Create a program to sell movietickets

Android Advanced Concepts

  • Sending Email
  • Sending SMS
  • Phone Calls
  • GPS: Find location, show location, track

Additional Android Examples

  • Localization
  • Google Maps
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC Guide
  • Wi-Fi

I ncluded in the price:

  • A PCWorkshop/s Certificate on completion (assessment based)
  • Course notes
  • Practical Class exercises
  • Homework / Revision work
  • To assist after the course, an hour's 1-1 mentoring via Skype or at our office.
£ 585 VAT exempt