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The transcription industry is awash with transcribers, but how good are they and how long do they survive? Whether you are new to transcription or already transcribing, this course aims to turn you into a top-class transcriptionist at your own pace and, uniquely, is provided by an industry insider. The course is online with comprehensive and individual one to one feedback and work and business advice either for self-employment or finding work with transcription companies. Suitable for: Those looking for a better work-life balance and a better income with home-based self-employment.The course is pick and mix accrding to your level and skills. You will cover a wide variety of transcription formats, ranging from single person audio, interviews, discussions, meetings, focus groups, capability and disciplinary hearings, video production, court hearings, and much more, and encompassing general, business and legal transcription and also, if required, medical transcription.



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Start date

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About this course

This course will take you from whatever level you are at, whether beginner or intermediate, to being a top class transcriptionist able to take on whatever work comes your way.

Beginners, intermediate and experienced transcribers who wish to take their skills to the highest level.

Applicants should be able to touch type or be willing to learn and have a high level of intelligence. Applicants will be required to take a short audio test file. All candidates will be given detailed feedback on their test file whether accepted onto the course or not.

No transcription company will ask you for a certificate. They simply want to know you have the skills they require. However, we will be happy to provide references once you finish the course and this is why we require you to pass a test file before being admitted to the course.

This course is unique in that it is provided by a genuine transcription company working in the transcription industry with over 11 years of experience in training its own and other transcribers. We offer one to one tuition and mentoring and work and business advice. Our course is way above other courses and yet offered at a rate people can afford. This course is perfectly suited for those wishing to acquire the skills to work from home as an audio transcriptionist.

Applicants are sent a short test file to test eligibility for the course, followed by feedback.

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  • Grammar
  • Transcription
  • Transcript Formatting
  • Conversational Analysis Transcription
  • Business Set-Up
  • Listening Skills
  • Transcription of Multi-Person Audio
  • Video Transcription
  • Dictation Transcription
  • Audio Typing
  • Virtual Assistant

Teachers and trainers (1)

Patricia Dolan

Patricia Dolan

Project Manager

Patricia Dolan is the proprietor and Project Manager of Manchester Secretarial Audio Transcription and has many years' experience as a trainer in audio transcription and transcript proofreading. She is a former Relate counsellor and counsellor trainer.

Course programme

Course review:

Full and flexible online audio transcription course in general/megal transcriedical/legal transcription. Module on Medical Transcription in a variety of medical fields, if required. Covers audio transcription and proofreading skills, listening skills and business set up mentoring or help to find work with transcription companies or self-emplyment. All participants are presented with a free copy of our course manual 'Audio Transcription: The Complete Home Business Guide' when they finish the course and 'English for Audio Transcription: The Jargon-Free Guide'. Suitable for both beginners and transcribers who want to improve their skills to the highest levels. All participants are given one to one feedback and ongoing employment support even after the course is over.

Manchester Secretarial has been providing audio transcription training for over a decade.

Additional information

Unlike other courses of this type, such the OCR/RSA and Pitman courses (which are merely audio typing courses), this course equips you with all the skills necessary to provide a full audio transcription service far beyond anything offered by other providers. It is jam-packed with everything you need and includes individual feedback and one to one mentoring even after you have completed the course. No attendance at a training centre is necessary and can be done online at your own pace. Our payment options are entirely flexible, depending on circumstances. Discount packages available. Manchester Secretarial has been providing online transcription training for over a decade and all of our trainees have gone on to build their own companies, such as, or to find work with transcription companies. 

Audio Transcription Course

£ 365 VAT exempt