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In Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), London and 2 other venues

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Want to learn about the fascinating world of coffee, develop your barista skills or open your own coffee shop? Whatever your goal, our Barista Course has plenty to offer.

Reach the level of a highly-skilled working barista in just 5 days.

Learn brewing methods, latte art, coffee flair & lots more through hands-on training with expert instructors.

No previous experience required, just a passion for coffee and a desire to learn!



Start date

Barcelona (Spain)
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Different dates availableEnrolment now open
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Different dates availableEnrolment now open
Madrid (Spain)
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Paris (France)
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Roma (Italy)
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About this course

Reach the level of a skilled speciality coffee barista
Start working as a barista immediately after your course
Add some skills to your CV
Learn how to make the perfect espresso, latte, cappuccino and more
Become confident with using all coffee-making equipment
Develop your latte art skills
Gain industry knowledge to help you open your own coffee shop
Enhance your existing coffee-making skills and boost your career
Take official SCA exams and demonstrate your level worldwide

For coffee enthusiasts and professionals, budding baristas and aspiring coffee shop owners alike!

Get a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association
The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is the world leader in barista and coffee education. They offer a prestigious Coffee Skills Program which comprises six different modules. Each module is available at three different levels, with points attached at each stage.

The EBS Barista Course (5 Days) provides you with the skills you need to pass the Introduction to Coffee module at all levels, the Barista Skills module up to intermediate level and the Brewing Foundations module at foundation level.

To be awarded with a certificate, you must pass short practical and written tests under the supervision of an SCA certified trainer, which will take place on a specified date after your EBS barista course. The foundation certificate costs €60 for members and non-members of the SCA while the intermediate certificate costs €100 for SCA members and €180 for non-members.

Please note that sitting the SCA exam is entirely optional.

Discover the coffee industry from a barista point of view during this intensive 5-day course. Our expert barista trainers will teach you all the fundamental barista skills including grinder setting, milk handling and latte art through practical training sessions, using top-level professional equipment. By the end of the course, you’ll be at the level of a skilled working barista, able to work confidently in a busy barista environment.

For established baristas, you will develop and enhance your existing skill set as we’ll cover advanced techniques including coffee flair, complex brewing methods, extraction, flavour development and more.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring coffee shop owners will also greatly benefit from this course as we cover coffee business practises, efficient workflow, costs and customer service.

To attend an EBS course you need to be 18 years old the moment the course starts. You can attend a course at EBS Kos or EBS Phuket if you are 17 years old and have your parent/guardian’s written permission.

If you are looking to take a course with EBS Las Vegas, EBS New York or EBS Miami you need to be 21 years old to be able to drink alcoholic drinks. You can attend a course in the USA if you are between 18 and 21 years old as you will still be able to learn all the elements of the course due to our training methods. If you are under 21 years old, you will not be able to take part in some of the organised events outside of school hours as they involve drinking alcoholic drinks.

You will need money for food and drinks at your destination. Some schools offer food packages so you can have your meals prepared and cooked for you at your destination, all for a great price.

The schools also arrange other activities for you to enjoy outside of school hours that incur a cost, it’s good to put some money aside for these as well.

The course price covers your industry-leading bartending education and study materials for the duration of your course. Most of our schools also arrange free activities for you to take part in, these activities differ between schools but you can check them out on the ‘Student Life’ tab.

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  • Barista
  • Bar Coding
  • Bar Management
  • Barista skills
  • Grinder
  • Equipment
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Coffee Flair
  • Coffe Aromas
  • Flavours
  • Specialization
  • Coffee Production
  • Brewing Methods
  • Cocktail
  • Coffee Flair Practise
  • Brewing Foundation
  • Coffee tasting
  • Art Session
  • Handling Techniques

Course programme

Barista Skills (foundation)
Learn the core skills needed to kickstart your barista. This module covers calibrating the grinder, proper use of equipment and using fresh milk to produce foams for cappuccinos and macchiatos. It will also introduce health and safety practises, customer service and an introduction to coffee flair. You will learn how to balance coffee aromas, flavours and how to taste specialty coffee.
Introduction to coffee
Get an insight into the world of speciality coffee and become familiar with the process of coffee production including bean extraction and how different flavours are developed through roasting. This module also covers brewing methods from espresso to french press, chemex and aeropress as well as how to use coffee in cocktails and coffee flair practise.
Brewing foundation
In this module, we will introduce you to theory, techniques and equipment required to produce delicious brewed coffee. You will study the seven different processes involved and practise using different equipment to test your skills. This module also includes coffee tasting and a practical cappuccino and latte art session.
Barista skills (intermediate)

During the final two days of the course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of coffee and perfect your newly-acquired skills. This aim of this module is to ensure that as a barista, you can create a perfectly balanced espresso and identify acidity, sweetness and bitterness. You will also develop your milk handling techniques to produce attractive latte art patterns. You will practise efficient working processes and making drinks of high quality to order while following the correct procedures Finally, we will focus on customer service, designing your own business model and examine profit and costs.
Put everything you’ve learnt into practise with the EBS barista exam which include both theory and practical tests to make sure you have a solid understanding of everything we have covered over the course of the week. Upon passing the course, you will be awarded with an EBS certificate.

Barista Course

£ 1001-2000