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What you need to know before working at an elderly care centre

Elderly care (also called aged care) is the fulfillment of the different needs that senior or adult citizens can have. Residential cares in nursing homes, assisted living or hospice care are some examples. Elderly care varies…

5 tips for aspiring publishers

The publishing business is one of the most demanding areas, as it merges proofreading, business management, marketing, author and foreign rights into one job or discipline. Although it is far from being considered a science, there…

What to study to work at Amazon?

Does your dream job involved been working in one of the biggest companies having an impact worldwide? Then, Amazon is the right company for you! But what kind of professionals do they search? Logistics. Amazon cannot be understood…

These are the professional profile you need to have, to work on Netflix!

The company usually assesses the multi-faceted profiles and the ability to multidisciplinary analysis. Netflix has thousands of employees spread across different parts of the globe. It is in the United States, specifically in…

5 tips to write a CV without job experience

“Giving my almost nule experience, who is going to hire me? If you are young –and possibly wild– but you haven’t been able to find a permanent job yet, it is likely that negative doubts like these have tormented you from…

Elio D’Anna enlighten Emagister about the importance of preparation

Elio D'Anna, President of the  European School of Economics, illustrate the burden of the new generation of jobseekers and the importance that institutions have in this matter. He claims: “We need schools of freedom,…

Reception Academy reveals the secret to career success

While the hospitality Industry continues to grow, Reception Academy agreed to unveil all the important first step towards an exciting new career in this field. Accredited by the highly regarded Institute of Hospitality (IOH) and…

Well-paid jobs in the UK without a university degree

“We are living in a material world” the one and only Queen of Pop once said. Receiving a salary check every month is not the only aspiration we have these days: we also want it to be thick. But let’s face it: the common…
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