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IED Offers 14 Master Courses Scholarships

It's always been your dream to study Design? Well, with Emagister you're dream could finally turn into reality! On our catalogue, a new incredible opportunity it's just around the corner: The IED - Istituto Europeo di Design…

The secret ingredients for better teamwork

Effective teamwork can be both difficult and simple at the same time. The success of a team depends on their organisation, relationships and interaction. Successful teamwork is the cornerstone for creating a functioning team. …

The incredible power of not winning!

There are moments in life when we face hard times. Things don't go as we wanted, even though we have put our energy, hard work and dedication to prepare our self to achieve a goal. From very little we have been shaped from…

An eco-friendly to-do list for students

Let's face it, one of the primary focuses of being a student is to become a better version of yourself and make a difference in the world. At University you can easily find classes and clubs focused on different social issues,…

8 reasons to become an awesome Scientist

You might think, why would anyone study science, math or engineering? These are difficult subjects and everyone will think you are a nerd, right? Wrong! A growing number of students are turning to these subjects, discovering…

The grounded, practical and precise art of the Science of Acting

The Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts is formed as a charity with the mission to improve standards in drama training. The Academy was founded in September 1991 by Sam Kogan, who trained under Stanislavski’s colleague Maria…

Tips for Aspiring Journalists

If you have doubts about thrusting yourself into the wonderful, unpredictable world of journalism, Emagister knows how to end your doubts. The digital era might be hurting journalism in its traditional form, but the passion…

Why is distance-learning a great option?

It has never been easier to reach your professional goals than today! Thanks to the internet, much more people can have access to further education. Certainly, this is why online courses are gaining popularity. Emagister has…
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