There are moments in life when we face hard times.

Things don’t go as we wanted, even though we have put our energy, hard work and dedication to prepare our self to achieve a goal.

From very little we have been shaped from the kindergarten to the school, university and even the professional world within the recognition system. We have had direct compensation over achieving something. We have integrated the binary state were winning is good and losing is bad.

However, for those who don’t know, there is surprising power in not winning. Being close to success and not achieving it, gives potent energy to fuel later success as it explains the professor Monica Wadhwa form the TED community.

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Having an unexpected result, as not achieving your goal, creates the need to think of a different approach. The Nobel Prize, Yamanaka a pioneer of biomedical research explains, that throughout the years of investigation, he has learned to “see any failure as a chance. That result will teach you something else, something new.”

So if you are facing a rough period, think that marathon runners use the pain and frustration of trying to achieve a goal! At Emagister we want to help you increase your chances and to accompany you on your journey!

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