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Supplementary education provider providing Health and Safety, child protection, GCSE, A-Level, professional development, enrichment and career development programs. We also provide Online university and ACE credit programs. Courses endorsed by IACET See more

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  • Courses between £16 and £2,000


PCWorkshops is a specialist provider of training courses in Java coding, Android Studio, Databases, SQL, Business Intelligence Software and MS Project. Customisation: We can tailor courses. In addition, we are able to offer in-house training. Training methods: 1-1, Classroom, Virtual Classroom What makes... See more

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  • 31 courses
  • At London and 8 other venues
  • Courses between £201 and £1,000
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LearnZone Media

Welcome to LearnZone Media As one of the most modern and innovative distance learning companies in the UK, we are proud to offer online courses within the technology, engineering and construction industry. See more

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Development Island

Development Island is a UK based innovative company specialised in providing the best technology courses on the internet. We are proud to be teaching 20000 students from 160 countries. We believe our courses are the best in the market for two reasons: - We use a practical approach that we developed over... See more

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London Academy of IT

London Academy of IT provide professional IT training courses focused on programming, web design and content management systems at all levels. Their open courses are highly practical, including guided applications and tailored details to suit everyone's IT background and level of experience. The programmes... See more

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  • At London
  • Courses between £120 and £384

The Knowledge Academy

Here at The Knowledge Academy we invest a large amount of time and focus into providing courses of an outstanding quality. In order to “delight and nourish everyone we serve”, our passionate and professional team are dedicated to providing courses of both excellent quality and excellent value for money... See more

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  • At Cardiff and 27 other venues
  • Courses between £49 and £10,995

Bright Solutions Global PLC

Today we experience a fast paced, multi-platform and multi-language world. This has created opportunities for businesses utilising the array of new tools available. Bright Solutions Global PLC works alongside companies mentoring on the latest technology, we provide: training, consultancy and off or on-... See more

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  • 305 courses
  • At London
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MBIT Training Ltd

Do you work in the public sector, or part of a global organisation? You may have to abide to mandatory compliance regulations covering IT. We offer tailored and official courseware solutions for a range of clients from individual IT specialists through to internal training for whole departments. Our... See more

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National Institute of Retail and Management

Today's business education offers countless kinds of opportunities and directions—in any kind of setting, anywhere in the world. First things first: a business education is earned by completing a business school program, in which students engage in traditional academic coursework and instruction based... See more

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  • 152 courses
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Open Learning

OpenLearning is an online learning platform that goes beyond content delivery to focus on community, connectedness, and student engagement. They understand that for students to learn deeply, they need to be active, engaged, inspired, involved. They need to interact with their peers, connect dots between... See more

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Tekkie Uni

As part of the eTeacherGroup, Tekkie Uni brings forth over a decade of experience in the unique and complex field of online, live-class, remote learning. Tekkie Uni believes everyone should have basic fluency in coding. Here students build apps of their own, learn coding best-practices and get to know... See more

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The UOC is an innovative university that is rooted in Catalonia and open to the world. It offers people lifelong learning to help them and society advance, while carrying out research into the knowledge society. Its educational model is based on personalization and accompanying students using e-learning... See more

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  • Courses between £101 and £4,000

Impartica IT Training

We offer instructor led tuition in in IT-related areas, both at our scheduled classes in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield and on-site at your location. Our instructors are IT professionals with many years of experience in the industry, bringing real-world expertise to your... See more

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  • At West Yorkshire and 5 other venues
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Nobleprog (uk) Limited

What can we do for you?We can provide you with all sorts of management, marketing, scientific and computer training. Usually you don't have to wait for the course, we can organize it even for one person as and when you need it. No delays, no cancellations, a quick and easy booking process. You can discuss... See more

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  • Courses between £101 and £11,000

Blake Hall College

Blake Hall College was established as a result of the vision to help students achieve personal career dreams through affordable graduate studies in the UK. We are excited about the potential of each student, the possibility of success and the lives that we might influence through knowledge. Every day... See more

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  • 5 courses
  • At London
  • Courses between £4,150 and £5,250

CECOS London College

CECOS is a prestigious name in vocational and professional training and a pioneer in developing projects of public interest to enhance its objectives and aims of quality education of international standards, with maximum employment rate of students who graduate from CECOS University.CECOS London College... See more

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Their mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world. They believe that higher education is a basic human right, and they seek to empower our students to advance their education and careers. Education is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong... See more

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