Social Work Degrees in the Wales

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Singleton Park (Wales)
  • Different dates available

... and youth work. This degree has been developed to prepare students for employment as professionally qualified social workers and lays the foundation for their continuing professional development. It reflects the key themes of contemporary social work in Wales. Social work has been an established... Learn about: Social Work... More

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  • Master
  • Bangor (Wales)
  • 2 Years

... in Wales’ (2012). To achieve this, the programme of study includes a suite of core academic modules and a requirement of at least 200 days on placement over the two years. Successful completion qualifies students to begin working as registered social workers... Learn about: Social Work, Community Care, Social Work Dissertation... More

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Social Work degrees at Wrexham
Glyndwr University School of Business
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Wrexham (Wales)
  • Different dates available

.... This degree enables students to develop an understanding of the knowledge, values and skills that underpin professional social work practice. It covers a range of legal, methodological, policy, practice, procedural and theoretical considerations. These include the importance and value of social... Learn about: Skills and Training, Social Work, IT Development... More

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  • HNC
  • Merthyr Tydfil (Wales)
  • 2 Years

...This course is for individuals of any age who wish to pursue or continue a career in the field of Health and Social Care, including posts with high responsibilities such as those related to supervision and care management. The course provides the knowledge and skills for career development... Learn about: Care Management, Social Work, Health and Social Care... More

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  • Master
  • Bangor (Wales)

... and practices within and across societies are compared. Ethical dimensions of social policy will be pointed out and specialist research training provided... Learn about: Conceptual issues, Community methodology, Social Work... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Bangor (Wales)
  • 3 Years

...leading to the submission of a 10,000 word dissertation... Learn about: dissertation supervisor, written examinations, the media... More

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  • Foundation degree
  • Ammanford (Wales)
  • 2 Years

...The Foundation Degree in Care Studies is a two year, full-time, higher education course which aims to give students both the required theory and knowledge to work in social care, and the practical skills and attitudes through structured work experience. The course leads to a Foundation Degree... Learn about: Community Care, Social Work, Care Management... More

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