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Part Time Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft

Amy Sellors

What I would highlight: It was very insightful, learnt alot of tricks and tips as to where to purchase things from and what the "reasonable" price would be for the item.
What could be improved: The tutor was a professional cake maker, she was brilliant and very talented but didn't have a lot of time for people, generally quite curt and no-nonsence attitude-kinda zapped the fun out of it, but bright side, learnt alot. I think i would have enjoyed it more if the atmosphere was more relaxed as opposed to a Reich board meeting.
Course taken: November 2011
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Part Time Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft

Claire Coombes

What I would highlight: Loved getting all the tools to play with and finding out different places to buy more and having 2 hours a week for myself and the students on my side was lovely
What could be improved: The teacher wasn't very interested in are side of the class room and would spend most of the time with the students that had been there longer than are side plus when she was teaching she Would start procrastinating which is very frustrating when its a 2 hour lesson plus it was very clicky it was are side and there side
Course taken: May 2011
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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