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    2 Years

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The basic entry qualification is a Grade C in GCSE History and/or Grade C in GCSE English

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Course programme

History AS/A2
History AS/A2 gives you the opportunity to study a range of periods and/or countries as a means of acquiring the analytical and synthesis skills to make sense of our past and understand todays world.

At Reigate College we offer a History AS/A2 Level course entitled: Authority, supremacy and the struggle for stability, equality and rights.

All the modules have a common theme dealing with the struggles of governments and peoples to gain, maintain and/or extend their power and position within their country and the world. The modules contain units from early modern and modern history.

Students From Reigate College learn how to be real historians at the National Archives, Kew

What will I study on this course?
There is a Common AS course which includes one unit from Early Modern BritishHistory and one unit from Modern European History. Students can then decide whether to focus on Early Modern Britain (Route 1) or 20th Century World (Route 2)Units in the A2 course.

Common AS Units
Unit 1: Tsarist Russia 1855 - 1917
Unit 2: The Church of England - Struggle for Supremacy 1529 -1547

A2 Units
Either An Early Modern British History Focus (Route 1)
  • Unit 3: The Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain 1541 -1603
  • Unit 4: In Pursuit of Liberty- the struggle for racial equality in the USA 1865-1968

Or AModern World History Focus (Route 2)
  • Unit 3: Aspects of International Relations 1945 - 2004
  • Unit 4: In Pursuit of Liberty - the struggle for racial equality in the USA 1865 -1968

How is this course assessed?
Unit 1: Exam: 1 hour 15 minutes. 2 questions to be answered from a choice of 3 (50% AS 25% A Level)
Unit 2: Exam: 1 hour 30 minutes. 1 compulsory two-part source question & 1 structured two-part question from a choice of 2. (50% AS 25% A Level)
Unit 3: Exam: 1 hour 30 minutes. 2 essay questions from a choice of 3.
(60% A2 30% A Level)
Unit 4: Personal Historical Enquiry: A project of between 3500 - 4000 words.
(40% A2 20% A Level)

What kind of student will do well on this course?
You will enjoy and do well in History if you have a genuine interest in:
  • the world and the history of how it has developed
  • communicating orally and in writing
  • analysing and problem solving based on collecting and assessing evidence
  • planning your own learning
  • working with others and presenting and defending your interpretations and ideas.

Exam Board
The examination board is AQA, History 1040/2040

History AS/A2

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