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The interview is your prime opportunity to expand on your personality and achievements. Your CV is merely the hook, your interviewing technique is what will reel in the big fish




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Course programme

Job Interviewing Skills Course and Interview Coaching

  • Are you ready for that big job interview?
  • Do you want to improve your interviewing technique?
  • Do you need the boost that first class preparation brings?
  • Why not call the College of Public Speaking? Look upon this opportunity as a personal investment - not a cost. It will pay you back many times over.

Feedback from exit interviews from both sides of the table indicate that many perfectly qualified and capable candidates do not achieve their interview goals simply due to poor preparation. Candidates' inability to answer straight forward interview questions puts them on the back foot.

Having worked hard on their CVs, many candidates make the assumption that their CV has been accepted and every salient point within it, digested by the interviewer.

This is unlikely. Interviewers, particularly from the HR domain, may see dozens of people each month. How much quality time can they allocate to each candidate's CV?

While the recession may be long and deep, those preparing for the upturn will be the eventual winners.

Our interviewing skills course lasts one day. There are theoretical sessions followed by participation in numerous role-play scenarios, both as an interviewer and interviewee. Our role-plays are videod and played back to accelerate the learning process.

Evaluating performance from both sides of the table delivers revealing insights into successful interviewing strategies. The course syllabus follows:

  • Preparation - Knowing what to expect
  • Research potential interview questions that could arise
  • Concentration on listening and responding appropriately
  • How to confidently answer interview questions and make a strong first impression
  • Know your worth and sell your experience and achievements
  • Be aware of company interview strategies
  • Deploy the jobseekers' toolkit
  • How to excel in interviews

Interview Questions

A great deal of time on the course is spent examining the types of interview questions you would generally expect. We also spend time devising coherent strategies for answering tricky interview questions. You will also receive comprehensive documentation for review following the course. The success factor lives in preparation as well as your ability to shine at the interview. If you are well prepared, confident and articultate, you have the type of unfair advantage that we all dream of in these circumstances.

The price of our one day interviewing skills course is £200 + VAT and it's the same price for our popular 1/2 day 1-2-1 coaching session. If the scheduled dates are not convenient, or you have need of an urgent session, please call and we will endeavour to find a solution. It's also possible to book evening sessions.

If you are a victim of the recession and have recently lost your job, we will be happy to offer you a significant discount. If it's been a long time since your last job interview, we can help sharpen your technique with some focused exercises and role-plays.

Job Interviewing Skills and Interview Coaching

Price on request