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Managing Business Processes with ProcessMaker

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This course presents you how implement process management with ProcessMaker, especially how to create a process definition, define roles, groups and users, start a processes from external application.
Suitable for: Familiarity with businesses process mapping recommended. Basic PHP knowledge recommended but not required.

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  • Business Process
  • Access
  • BPM
  • PHP
  • Web
  • Process management
  • Process mapping
  • IT
  • Business
  • Business team

Course programme

Course review:

ProcessMaker is an OpenSource, free BPM software. It is light weight, written in PHP is fully web base tool which can compete with expensive enterprise solutions.BPM Quick Overview

What is BPM and how can be implemented?

BPMN and other standards

  • ProcessMaker and other tools
  • ProcessMaker Basics
  • Managing Users
  • Managing Processes
  • Process Map
  • DynaForms
  • DynaForm Fields
  • Dependent Fields
  • Managing Cases
  • Reports on ProcessMaker
  • ProcessMaker Advanced
  • Process Supervisors
  • Sub-Process
  • Case Tracker
  • Web Entry
  • Conditional Notifications
  • Process Permissions
  • PM Tables
  • Events
  • Remote access with WebDAV
  • ProcessMaker Integration
  • Invoking web services from ProcessMaker
  • Using ProcessMaker web services

Managing Business Processes with ProcessMaker

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