Managing Underperformance

Short course

In London

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    Short course

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    1 Day

Managing underperformance is a real challenge for many organisations, and more so in hard economic times. The impact caused by poor performance is widespread and can potentially affect the entire organisation. Recognising, acknowledging and tackling underperformance issues are huge challenges for everyone concerned.
Suitable for: HR and Personnel Professionals, Directors, Consultants and Advisors, Performance Management Specialists



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Dove House, Arcadia Avenue, N3 2JU

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Start date

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Course programme

09:30 - Welcome, introduction and outline of objectives
10:00 - Getting it right from the start - Strategic perspectives on recruitment, induction, expectation setting and probationary periods
· Recruitment and checking competence
· Probationary periods and the contract
· Setting objectives, expectations and behavioural standards

10:30 - The difference between conduct and capability

· The difference in practice and the law
· Choosing the right procedure - why is it important?
· How to handle conduct as a defence against poor performance
· Individual or organisational issue? - in terms of conduct and capability/competence

11:00 - Coffee

11:15 - Group session: How might your organisational culture affect the underperformance issues?
· Do you tackle or avoid the issues?
· To what extent do you have a culture of learning, development and feedback?
· In what circumstances do you extend probation and to what effect?
· "Moving the problem" - why it rarely works

11:45 - The new ACAS Code and Guidance on Discipline and Grievance and their effect

· Key principles of fairness and reasonableness
· The cost of getting it wrong
· Avoiding discrimination

12:30 - Lunch

· 13:30 - Following the right procedures - can good management resolve the problem?
· The long haul or the short haul
· Other options
· Focussing on objectives and performance standards
· Recognising under performance as a symptom of other issues

14:00 - Managing underperformance fairly

· What a fair procedure looks like in practice
· Management techniques and strategies to consider
· Implementing a consistent and thorough approach

14:45 - Coffee

15:00 - Lessons learned from recent case law
· The legal tests from the cases: implications for the workplace
· Investigations: best practice guidance
· How to manage gross incapability

15:45 - Clarifying your strategy for change - roles and responsibilities

· What needs to change - policy, process, management, behaviour?
· What needs your immediate attention?
· Who will drive change?
· How will you measure success?

16:15 - End of seminar

Managing Underperformance

£ 550 VAT inc.