The Power of You

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Location Bracknell
Duration 2 Days
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    2 Days

In just 2 days you will: Learn your True Strengths - the catalyst for everything you do. Master your Mind for Supreme Self-Confidence. Learn how to drive your life from the heart. Discover the language of your mind. Start becoming the person you've always wanted to be. How to stop feeling like your own worst enemy. How to be truly empowered. How to stop settling for second best. How to apply the power of thought to improve your business and career. and much, much more.
Suitable for: Do you wish to know what your TRUE STRENGTHS are? Increase and have better SELF ESTEEM? Increase and be much more SELF CONFIDENT? How to change beliefs that limit you in what you wish to do?

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Wood Lane, RG42 4EX, Berkshire, England
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Starts On request
Wood Lane, RG42 4EX, Berkshire, England
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Robert Ballentine
Robert Ballentine
Senior Partner & Director of Training - Origyn

Robert is the Principle Partner of Origyn. He is a highly qualified and experienced NLP Trainer with over 20 years experience in training, sales and business management. A certified trainer by Robert Dilts one of the developers of NLP. He has also had extensive training with Dr. John Grinder - co-originator of NLP Robert delivers training to public and corporate markets, from management development to the NLP Practitioner master-track courses. He also provides personal coaching for senior management as well as private individuals.

Course programme

Discover Your Personal Power and How toTake Advantage of Your Natural Talents &Make Your Life the Best EVER!

Hello & Welcome!

For a moment stop and think about you and your life. Now ask yourself these very important questions...

  • Am I achieving what I really want in my life?
  • Do my beliefs and habits hinder or help me?
  • What really are my core strengths and do I really use them?
  • Do I know how I can create a better me and a better life?

If you answer any of these questions with a definite YES!, now read on, take action and be on a new course for success!

Make Your Life the Best Ever!

Pause for a moment and imagine that the dreams about your life are taking shape. What had stopped you in the past no longer does. You have opportunities to overcome any obstacle and meet challenges face on, smiling, happy and excited. The business or career you have always wanted is here, here now! or the relationship, the love you desired is with you. Or perhaps you feel deep down this sense of true self-worth and confidence that only you know how this truly feels.

Or just maybe your sitting in your favourite place with the inner smile and happiness, relaxing and enjoying, really enjoying for the first time the kind of life you had always dreamed of.

Do you desire any of these? Do you want more of them? or do you just wish to have the skills to get more from your life?


...these aren't just fanciful whims, these happen, because on our courses, peoples lives really do change!

For the First Time...

For the first time we are going to share some of the secrets and tools we have both created and used that have changed peoples lives.

  • We want YOU to have access to some of these amazing life changing skills
  • We want YOU to begin to change your life to where you want it to be.
  • Because We want YOU to Discover your Personal Power and Take Advantage of your Natural Talents to Make Your Life the BEST EVER!

Accept this invitation now to:

Begin to Make Your Life the BEST EVER!

Discover and experience The Power of 'You'.

  • Why are you so good at what you do?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why are you not doing more of what you know you should and can do?
  • Disvover the secrets of 'You' and how to make 'You' even better!!!
Change your life and learn why 'This' is right for 'You'

On this course you will learn some of the most influential NLP techniques that have been created in an inspiring weekend of change and self discovery. This also includes a look into our Metaphors, Mythology and Identity (TM) a personal and phenomenally powerful transformational method that delves deeply into the language of your mind.

You will learn some of the most amazing techniques and skills that can transform your life.

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