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"Tutor was excellent!" - Lisa Clawson - Stenaline

This Presentation Skills training course is designed to help delegates prepare effective, interesting and memorable presentations using a range of different techniques.

This course will cover all the steps of planning and preparing your presentation. Participants will learn how to identify resources and gather information. There will be instruction on preparing visuals and strategies for building confidence in order to present more clearly and persuasively.

By the end of this course, delegates will understand how to assess and choose the right presentation techniques and tools for the occasion and how to channel nervous energy positively. The course is designed to give participants a full understanding of how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation. It is highly practical with opportunities for practice, using video. Each delegate in the course will receive individual coaching and feedback.

This course is suitable for anyone whose role requires them to professionally deliver presentations or communicate effectively. This is essential training for salespeople and those who need to attractively convey ideas and strategies to colleagues and senior management.

All delegates who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

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  • Gathering Information
  • Planning
  • Building Confidence
  • Body Language
  • Oratory Techniques
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Resources
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Visuals

Teachers and trainers (1)

Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall

Senior Consultant

Course programme

Course Content:

- Planning and preparing your presentation
- Being prepared: making a presentation plan, use of visuals, use of other resources
- Building confidence and managing any nerves
- Starting your presentation
- Creating a good first impression and generating rapport
- Presentation strategies and techniques
- Body language - techniques and examples of its use by experts
- Oratory techniques and crucial points to remember
- Using different resources and aids/when and where to use them
- Managing tricky situations
- Closing the presentation
- Ending on a high

Course benefits:

- Understand how to use your personality to get a clearer more coherent message across
- Improve vocal skills
- Improve upon delivery by practicing appropriate variations in style, pace and language
- Channel excess nervous tension positively
- Value the diversity of accents and examine and analyse their impact

Additional information

Payment options: Prices start from £345+VAT per delegate. Please note multiple Booking Discounts are available when you book 2 or more delegates onto this course.
These work out as follows: -
2 delegates = 10% discount3 delegates = 15% discount4 delegates = 20% discount5 delegates = 25% discount6 delegates or more = 30% discount (maximum discount available)

Presentation Skills

£ 201-500