Pressure Ulcer Prevention


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Pressure ulcers are potentially avoidable if carers have the correct understanding about their causes and how they can be prevented. This title aims to improve pressure ulcer prevention awareness for carers who work in all social care and healthcare settings. It starts by explaining how the skin can be affected by different types of forces, such as pressure, shearing force and friction. It then goes on to demonstrate how pressure ulcers develop and how they can be prevented.

Practical in nature, it also considers how to recognise the start of a pressure ulcer, which areas are most susceptible from pressure damage, teaching service users to inspect their own skin for early signs of pressure ulcers and the consequences of allowing pressure ulcers to go untreated.

Consultant: Trudie Young, RMN, RGN, Dip N, BN, MSc, Lecturer in Tissue Viability, University of Wales

Peer Review: Wirral Hospital Trust


Care Council for Wales Induction Section

Health & Social Care NOS/NVQ Units 216, 217 & 358

Subjects covered include:

How do Pressure Ulcers Occur? • Pressure Ulcer Risk Factors • Common Sites for Pressure Ulcers • Preventative Care • Pressure Relieving Devices

Supporting Material:

An accompanying CD-ROM contains a Training Pack, which includes a Lesson Plan, 4 group and/or individual exercises and 5 handouts. The CD-ROM also contains Question and Answer sheets a Trainer’s Guide and other supporting materials, all designed to help trainers prepare and run an effective training session.


23 minute DVD/video in 5 sections to be used in a suggested 3 hour training session.

£ 125 + VAT