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Typology Course
Methodology Inhouse
Class hours 16h
Duration 2 Days
Start Different dates available
  • Course
  • Inhouse
  • 16h
  • Duration:
    2 Days
  • Start:
    Different dates available

The aim of this programme is to provide PA's and Secretaries with a linked and tailored training solution to suit the needs of the organisation, their job roles and the learners development needs. The programme has been created around the job role of the PA's and Secretaries.
Suitable for: The course is perfect for those of you whose responsibilities have increased and you find yourself managing more activities within the organisation.


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Starts Location
Different dates available
Starts Different dates available

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No pre course work is required for this secretary course.


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What you'll learn on the course

Personal Assistant
Communication Training
Office Skills
Office reception
Office skills training
PA Training
Secretary Training

Teachers and trainers (1)

Taylor Mason
Taylor Mason
Very Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are experts in their field, most of which have worked for us for some time. From 1-1 coaching to complex change programmes we have the skills and experinece. We cover, Human Resouces, Communicaton Skills, Leadership and Supervision, Microsoft & IT, Sales & Marketing, Personal Development, Health & Safety, Project Management, PA & Office Skills,

Course programme

Advanced Secretary and PA training

Module 1 – Essential Secretarial Skills - 3 days

In this course, you will learn the “essential skills” that are required to be successful in your role.

Understand how to manage different people in different environments
Undertake stakeholder analysis
Build relationships with stakeholders
Assert themselves confidently, maximising their personal impact


  • Management Skills – the key skills, attributes & behaviours of “good” managers, the role and its responsibilities, why people are your greatest resource, delegation and development of others, problem solving and decision making
  • Stakeholder Analysis – defining a stakeholder, stakeholder identification, analysing stakeholder needs, stakeholder mapping
  • Building Relationships – understanding different personalities and different needs, analysing your relationships, challenges with maintaining relationships, overcoming challenges
  • Assertive Communication – communication styles, verbal, vocal & visual communication, assertive versus aggressive versus passive behaviours, choosing appropriate communication methods

Format & Duration:
This three day course is delivered using short spells of the theory for each of the main elements followed by individual and group exercises to enforce the learning. You will identify your own skills, attributes and behaviours and ways to improve them where necessary.

Module 2 - Time Management / Speed Reading – 1 day

This module looks at focusing on priorities, minimising interruptions and the art of speed reading in order to maximise the time we have.

Prioritise their tasks
Plan their days, weeks, months & years
Eliminate their time challenges
Read more quickly without losing comprehension


  • Your Time Challenges – diagnostic questionnaire on time challenges, how to improve on these challenges, hints & tips
  • Identifying Priorities – organisational, departmental, team & individual priorities, urgent versus important, personal priorities
  • Planning – daily, weekly, monthly planning, when & how to plan, SMART objectives, paper versus technology
  • Common Time Challenges – meetings, email, phone calls, system breakdowns, people – hints and tips to overcome these challenges
  • Speed Reading – how it can help, scanning & skimming, slow, oral, auditory & visual readers, techniques to improve speed and comprehension

Format & Duration:
This one day course is delivered using discussion groups, group & individual exercises with short input of theory of time management and speed reading. It provides an opportunity for all delegates to learn from others experiences and what works in their job environment..

Module 3 - The Changing Environment – 1 day

In this course, you will learn how to implement and manage change in a constantly changing environment.

Recognise the need for change
Plan for change
Communicate through change
Manage the impact of change
Successfully implement change


  • Why Change? – identifying factors for change, public sector & private sector change, introduction to change theory – including change curve
  • Planning for Change – analysing the process of change, identifying barriers to change, determining available support
  • Communicating Change – using change adopters, when, how and who to communicate with during change
  • Managing the Impact – stakeholder education, stress management strategies, coping with fear
  • Implementing Change – engaging stakeholders, maximising the benefits, labelling & celebrating milestones, reporting results

Format & Duration:
This one day course is interactive, with small inputs of theory followed by individual or group practical exercises to enforce the learning. A variety of change tools will be explained and used within the day, that they can then use on their own change projects.

Module 4 - Negotiation Skills – 1 day

In this course, you will learn and perform the steps to successful negotiations.

Prepare for negotiations in any environment
Initiate negotiations
Follow through on negotiations


  • Preparing to Negotiate – establish a successful mindset, research the other party, determine the value of what’s being negotiated, where & when to negotiate, establish your best & worst acceptable outcomes
  • Initiating Negotiation – establish rapport, establish your status, choose your communication method, identify rules of engagement, set timelines, how will results be communicated?
  • Negotiating – Encourage other party to issue the first proposal, make the first proposal, countering proposals, accept an offer or abort the negotiation, work through an impasse
  • Follow Through – Evaluate the negotiation, follow up on the relationship
  • Negotiating in Different Circumstances – cross-cultural negotiation, cross-generational negotiation, cross-sector negotiation
  • Practice – practice of elements discussed during course using situations familiar to attendees.

Format & Duration:
This one day course is delivered using short spells of the theory of negotiation and a variety of exercises using simple tools that can be used in real negotiation situations. An opportunity to practice what’s been learnt is the final element of the course.

Module 5 - Project Management – 2 days

This course is an introduction level course to project management, taking you through the project lifecycle.

Initiate projects
Plan projects
Monitor and control projects
Close projects
Manage a project team


  • The Project Life Cycle – what is a project? What project terminology do you use? The project management life cycle, the role of the project manager
  • Setting up for Success – the meaning of success, what happens during initiation? putting together a Project Initiation Document
  • The Project Team – Selecting team members, team charters
  • Risk Management – defining, analysing and managing project risk
  • Project Plans – the work breakdown structure, work package sequencing, the scheduling process, time estimates
  • Project Budgets – What is a budget? Creating preliminary budgets, budget & schedule balancing
  • Project Tracking & Control – moving the project forward, monitoring project progress, Earned Value Analysis, getting back on track
  • Project Reports – communications overview, performance reports, change requests
  • Project Close Out – elements to close out, evaluation of people & project

Format & Duration:
This 2 day course uses one project as the practical element to the course. You will use this project throughout the 2 days to practice each element of the course, from writing the initiation document, determining budget to end.

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