Management practices for sales performance.

Advanced Sales Management

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Discover new tools for turning the art of management into a reliable science. Strengthen the sales process, increase task ownership, master one minute coaching, maximise motivation, improve forecast accuracy, choose and automate KPI feedback, lead effective meetings, and hire the right people from the learning in this sales management training programme.

Delivering consistent on target or above target sales performance depends on maintaining a highly motivated and effective team. Establishing and developing such teams demands extraordinary sales management and leadership skills.

This course provides sales managers with reliable methods and techniques for achieving and sustaining ‘best in class’ performance.

If you need to maximise individual effectiveness, adapt for difficult personalities, achieve high conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and exceed sales targets with greater ease and certainty, Advanced Sales Management training provides the right methods and develops the right skills.

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· What are the objectives of this course?

Course Objectives: - Achieve Consistent Sales Results - Increase Individual Sales Performance - Eliminate Sales Hiring Mistakes - Motivate without Money. - Have sales people set and achieve lofty sales targets. - Deliver motivating admonishment. - Makes appraisals motivating. - Be the right kind of manager for each individual. - Recognise and adapt for personality. - Motivate through delegation. - Become a one minute coach. - Increase sales through processes improvement. - Make sales meetings motivating. - Increase sales with benchmarks. - Develop leadership skills.

· Who is it intended for?

Sales managers, directors, and sales team leaders who carry responsibility for achieving or exceeding sales targets. If you lead, manage, or direct a field sales team and are responsible for ensuring they meet revenue or profit objectives, this course will vastly expand the tools, methods and practices you can use to achieve these aims.

· Qualification

SalesSense course completion certificate.

· What marks this course apart?

Unique aspects of this course: - The practical nature of the guidance. - Career long support. - Includes self-led study materials. - Delivered by the course author.

· What happens after requesting information?

When you request information, you will receive the course data sheet and an invitation to speak with the course author. If you have provided a telephone number, we will call you to answer any questions and share more about the content.

· Are there any lower cost delivery options?

Yes, there are two group delivery options: 1. Programme materials and one 90 minute group coaching session for up to 5 people - Participants gain access to the course presentations, tools, templates, and other resources. Key elements of the content are presented in a virtual classroom group coaching session. The session is scheduled to suit participant needs. £1095 plus VAT. There is a 4 week lead time for this option. Further group coaching sessions can be arranged as needed. £350 plus applicable VAT. 2. Traditional Classroom - The programme delivery takes place over one or more days at a conference venue or at the customers offices. This is effective for three or more participants. Contact us for fees.

· How many people can attend the in-house course?

The standard course serves up to 12 people. We can accommodate larger numbers by special arrangement.

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Student Reviewer
5.0 06/03/2019
About the course: I very much enjoyed the course and now I am looking forward tp apply the techniques I have leraned. It will be a great help I believe.
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Student Reviewer
5.0 06/03/2019
About the course: the course was very good and met my expectations to a great extent. It has great opportunities and activities to learn the skills. Through them I have learnt a lot and I feel very confident now to deal with the customer requirements. The course and the trainer owes a thank you.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Student Reviewer
5.0 06/03/2019
About the course: I would say that the Blatchford company has done its work great so far but still has scope to some improvements. Commpany being re run with attendees, continual self assessment and more training will benefit the organisation for sure.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Student Reviewer
5.0 04/03/2019
About the course: It was an excellent experience and so was the trainer clive. he was great and taught things greatly.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Sales Manager Skills
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Clive Miller
Clive Miller
Managing Partner

Achieving sales targets has been the focus of Clive’s working life. His sales career began in 1977. Over the last thirty years he has sold the products, services, and solutions of Intel, DEC, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and SGi. He is the author of most SalesSense training material and writes about selling for magazines and newsletters. From the launch of SalesSense in 1996, Clive has directed the company’s development. As a consultant, sales trainer, speaker, and coach, he has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people increase their sales success.

Course programme

Course Content:

The Sales Manager’s Role

Identify and characterise best sales management practise. We distinguish four levels of sales management and sales competence then identify the levers available for increasing sales performance.

Selecting Top Performers

Selecting the right people in the first place, makes the job much easier. In this module, we examine the cost of hiring mistakes and study the means of eliminating them.


Leveraging intrinsic motivators doesn’t depend on increasing benefits. We share the conclusions of major motivation studies. Through a questionnaire, participants identify their own intrinsic motivators, learn how to recognise those of others, and then discover strategies for leveraging them.

Ownership and Accountability

Getting things done through others is an essential management ability. A step-by-step method equips participants to help team members set their own goals and make themselves accountable for their achievement. The same steps are adapted to provide a guide for admonishing people in a way that increases respect, cooperation, and commitment.

Motivating Appraisals

Appraisals should be motivating. Through discussion and study, participants learn how to banish appraisal dread and turn the opportunity into a motivating experience that renews commitment.

Management Style

Identifying, sorting, and discussing management behaviours to identify best practice is the basis for an exercise that helps participants understand their management style and recognise any changes that may be necessary.

Interpersonal Style

Personality differences demand individual attention. Participants learn how to recognise and adapt for different personality styles. Learning this ability helps leverage intrinsic motivators.

The Manager as a Coach

Learning a coaching formula for leading rather than telling, provides a platform for using a series of tools that help sales people increase productivity and results.

Developing People

Helping people develop tends to take a back seat behind getting results. In this module, participants learn how to help team members take more responsibility for their own development.

Designing the Future

Forethought, planning and preparation are essential elements of consistent sales performance. In this module, we examine the disciplines, habits, and methods necessary to minimise risk and the consequences of neglecting this aspect of success.

Sales Process without Constraint

Assigning labels to steps and stages in a sales process facilitates measurement, improves internal communication, and improves forecast accuracy. In this module, participants identify the natural steps in their own sales process and assign their own labels.

Pipeline Management

Building on ‘Sales Process’ work, participants learn how to increase sales predictability using pipeline management tools. This module equips sales managers to anticipate shortfalls and take corrective action in advance.

Meeting Management

Meetings are notorious time wasters. In this module, participants work out how to stay in control, keep things on track, achieve objectives, and increase motivation through effective meeting management.

Leadership v Management

Effective sales managers must provide leadership as well as management. In this module, participants examine the differences and identify opportunities to develop their leadership abilities.

Implementation Planning

In this final module, participants consider the barriers and constraints affecting implementation and plan how to deal with them.