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Typology BTEC
Methodology Distance Learning
Duration 12 Weeks
  • BTEC
  • Distance Learning
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks

1 Understand why it is important to take into account organisational policies and procedures when developing customer service. 2 Understand why a customer service professional might need to involve other members of their organisation when planning and implementing improvements and developments. 3 Understand how and why an individual's authority to plan or implement change is limited. 4 Understand the significance of key legislation and any regulatory requirements to be taken into account when developing customer service. 5 Understand h.
Suitable for: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, everyone involved in delivering customer services.

Important information

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· Requirements

Good literacy skills, understanding of importance of customer service in the workplace.

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Teachers and trainers (1)

Martin Mc Afee
Martin Mc Afee
Trainer Manager

Course programme

Principles of Customer Service Delivery and Development: This unit reviews how organisations have developed an approach to and terminology for customer service that are recognised and understood as the basic principles for service excellence.

Knowing the Rules to Follow When Developing Customer Service: This unit focuses on the planning, development and improvement of a customer service offer. Learners will explore the framework of rules, including organisational policies and procedures, key legislation and regulatory requirements, in which customer service professionals operate. They will consider how organisational policies can help ensure that any developments are consistent with overall organisational methods, aims and values. Learners will also learn why it is important to act within the limits of their own authority.

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