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Course programme

Customised Training programmes for Dentists and Dental Technicians

These presentations will be of informal lecture style with a Power point / Slide presentation .Wherever possible, informative demonstrations will be given. Audience participation will be encouraged, and these sessions will suit smaller groups of between 4 to 12 attendees, and are intended to be staged within an existing commercial facility (e.g. a larger commercial laboratory or practice), but can be easily staged in a training facility or hotel.

These various headings can form a single training module, or can be combined and integrated into a longer and more comprehensive presentation, designed to suit individual theme/subject requirements and time slots.

1. Subject - BASIC OCCLUSION - Understanding the terminology, Overview of development of various articulator designs, their functions, strengths and suitability for different laboratory procedures. Understanding functional mandibular movements and their relevance to crown and bridgework and prosthetics.

2. Subject - FACEBOWS & ARTICULATORS - How they differ, and how to use them to best advantage.
Practical demonstration showing the use of an Earbow (e.g. Panadent Pana-Mount Earbow system).
How to determine Centric Relation and Centric Occlusion positions for model mounting.
Meaningful bite registrations, and the most suitable materials to use. Articulator overview.
Programming of semi -adjustable articulators from check bites.

3. Subject - SMILE DESIGN AND GOLDEN PROPORTIONS - An explanation of the principles and its importance in Facial Aesthetics. Demonstration of the Kois Dento - Facial Analyzer (A simple Screwless Facebow). How to use the Kois Dento - Facial Analyzer in conjunction with waxing guides for the production of wax diagnostic cases.

4. Subject - OCCLUSAL SPLINTS and associated splint therapy - Principles involved in splint construction, hard acrylic vs. soft splints, Lucia jigs, NTi and SCi splints. Demonstration of NTI-tss technique.

5. Subject -PRINCIPLES OF SHADE TAKING -Understanding colour and light. Surgery and laboratory lighting . Shade taking devices. Use of a portable colour
corrective LED shade taking light (e,g. Optilume Trueshade) for shade and value assessments. Practical demo of the Trueshade portable Shade Taking light.

6. Subject - AESTHETIC COMPOSITE - Use of an Aesthetic composite in dentistry. Background to composites,their development, the key elements of composite build-up and layering technique for laboratory and clinical applications. Practical sessions on composite build up with Enamel Plus "HFO" composite can be arranged, but materials used would be charged at cost.

Other associated subjects can include Impression tray design and selection . Impression materials, and "pick-up" impression techniques for implant cases.

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Payment options: 55.00 pounds per hour

Dental Skills

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