Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile Practitioner

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The Language and Behaviour (or LAB) Profile

The LAB Profile is a totally different kind of profiling tool:

It works on your observation and experience of the person you want to profile. NOT their self-perceptions.
It uses the hidden patterns in everyday language and behaviour that are the key to really understanding what makes someone ‘tick’.
It recognises that a person can behave differently in different contexts. AND reveals the clues to identifying when a person has mentally shifted context, even if everything else seems the same.
It helps you make sense of a person’s reactions, even when they seem to be acting ‘out of character’.
This is your opportunity to discover the LAB Profile and how to use it to increase your influence, to inspire and motivate the people around you and to create deeper, more meaningful connections with the people who matter to you.




Barford (Warwickshire)
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This 3-day training programme will enable you to detect the patterns of langauge and behaviour that motivate others and help you learn the language to maximise your impact and get results. It will give you a simple way of discovering (and implementing) a variety of ways to: gain people’s interest and commitment suit differing preferences for being informed and making decisions The way it works that makes it so straightforward to learn and use When you master this set of easy-to-learn questions, you gain an insight into: how people get excited about something and how they make use of information provided to them in order to become convinced of a particular course of action The questions can be used in an informal/casual conversation, or as a formal questionnaire/survey of individuals and groups That resulting insight can then be applied to communicating with a particular individual or with groups of any size and variation.

Managers, Business Leaders, Professional coaches, Recruitment consultants, Marketing Professionals

LAB Profile Practitioner

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Teachers and trainers (1)

Dianne Lowther

Dianne Lowther

Master Trainer of NLP

27 years experience in learning and development Psychology graduate and licensed user of MBTI Certified Master Trainer of NLP with 17 years practice Specialist in leadership development Career background in retail and leisure Works mostly with Senior Executives, Leadership teams, HR and technical professionals

Course programme

After three days of training with Neil Harris and me (we're both Certified LAB Profile Master Consultant/Trainers) with lots of practical exercises and personal feedback, you gain an understanding of:

  • The 6 Motivation Triggers that people need to get excited about something
  • The 8 Working Traits that describe how people process information, the environments they need to be productive, their response to stress and how they become convinced
  • How to discover the traits for an individual or group
  • The types of language to ‘speak’ to the differing traits
  • How to apply this tool to any communication context

You also have the opportunity to be accredited as a LAB Profile Practitioner. All you have to do is demonstrate that you can correctly ask the LAB Profile questions, identify the patterns associated with the answers and give clear feedback. (Just as you see in the video above)

I promise you that once you've mastered the LAB Profile, you'll wonder how you ever influenced anyone without it. It really does take the guesswork out of your interactions with other people. So if you don't want to waste any more time wondering what REALLY makes people tick...

Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile Practitioner

£ 1,200 + VAT