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Operations Strategy - Level 2

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  • I learned a lot, and it was all good.

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Emagister recently added a new course in Operations Strategy!

Thanks to this programme, divided in two levels, you will be able to understand the technology options that exist, ‘why’ potential investments in process technology investments work in practice, and ‘how’ to make such investments work in practice.

In addition, you will learn everything about the risks associated with implementation due to the number of high-profile failures and claims of waste that seem to go hand-in-hand with such investments. And the core issue of operations strategy: how product and service develop and how companies can shape the routines that encourage the ongoing developments of their operations. Furthermore, you will learn how to monitor and control the process of operations strategy along with the formulation and implementation of these strategies.

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About this course

Chief operations officers and chief executive officers; operations directors and managers; Heads of departments; senior operations executives, officers and staff; those who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between operational resources and market requirements; those who wish to transform their companies’ prospects through the way they manage their operations resources strategically, turning their operations capabilities into a formidable asset; those who wish to use operations strategy as a major source of competitive advantage in for-profit businesses or the route to achieving social welfare in not-for-profit enterprises; those who appreciate operations strategy as central, ubiquitous and vital to any organisation’s sustained success.


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  • I learned a lot, and it was all good.

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  • Operations Management
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Performance Management
  • Innovation
  • Design techniques
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology
  • Strategy Development
  • Operational Risk
  • Process Improvement
  • Service Operations
  • Production
  • Organisation
  • Operations Design
  • Process technology
  • Operations Strategy
  • Process Technology Strategy
  • Improvement Strategy

Course programme

Process Technology Strategy
  • Process technology should reflect volume and variety
  • The product-process matrix
  • The challenges of information technology (IT)
  • Evaluating process technology
Improvement Strategy
  • Operations improvement
  • Setting the direction
  • Importance-performance mapping
  • Developing operations capabilities
  • Deploying capabilities in the market
Product and Service Development and Organisation
  • Innovation, design and creativity
  • The strategic importance of product and service development
  • Product and service development as a process
  • A market requirements’ perspective on product and service development
  • An operations resources perspective on product and service development
The Process of Operations Strategy – Formulation and Implementation
  • Formulating operations strategy
  • What is the role of alignment?
  • Maintaining alignment over time
  • What analysis is needed for formulation?
  • The challenges to operations strategy formulation
  • How do we know when the formulation process is complete?
  • What is operations strategy implementation?
The Process of Operations Strategy – Monitoring and Control
  • What are the differences between operational and strategic monitoring and control?
  • How is progress towards strategic objectives tracked?
  • How can the monitoring and control process attempt to control risks?
  • How does learning contribute to strategic control?

Operations Strategy - Level 2

£ 2,725 + VAT