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Retail NVQ Level 3 (Sales Professional Pathway)

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This qualification will help employers and employees achieve and demonstrate total quality as part of a continuous customer service improvement programme.
Suitable for: An experienced team member who carries out day to day tasks within the organisation and helps the manager with the running of the store by organising staff to deal with displays, helping customers to choose products and providing information and advice to customers.

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Course programme

Retail Level 3 qualification is achieved by assessing the candidate in the workplace and covers the retail sector in more depth. Retail Level 3 has three main routes and one of the following must be chosen for the candidate to follow:

  1. Sales Professional
  2. Visual Merchandising
  3. Management

Ideally the candidate should be an experienced member of staff within an organisation and be able to organise their colleagues to achieve tasks and evaluate their progress as well as providing training and development and looking at their own learning needs.

Sales Professional Pathway

To achieve a full certificate in Retail at Level 3, you are required to complete a total of six units as outlined below:

Mandatory unit (learners must complete Unit 1):

Unit 1 Work effectively in your retail organisation

Optional units:

Learners must achieve a further five units and at least four of these must be chosen from the following units at Level 3


  • Unit 2 Process part exchange sales transactions in a retail environment
  • Unit 3 Provide specialist support in helping customers to make purchases in a retail environment
  • Unit 4 Develop Individual retail service opportunities
  • Unit 5 Provide a personalised sales and after-sales service to retail clients

Stock management

Unit 6 Organise the receipt and storage of goods in a retail environment
Unit 7 Audit stock levels and stock inventories in a retail environment

Product expertise

Unit 8 Monitor and help improve food safety in a retail environment
Unit 9 Assist customers to obtain appropriate insurance


Unit 10 Source required goods and services in a retail environment


Unit 11 Maintain the availability of goods for sale to customers in a retail environment

Management and leadership

  • Unit 12 Help to manage a retail team
  • Unit 13 Plan, monitor and adjust staffing levels
  • Finance and administration
  • Unit 14 Enable customers to apply for credit and hire purchase facilities

Customer service

Unit 15 Monitor and evaluate the quality of service provided by external suppliers to your customers

Only one unit can count towards the qualification when chosen from units 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

  • Unit 16 Organise the delivery of reliable customer service
  • Unit 17 Improve customer relationships
  • Unit 18 Work with others to improve customer service
  • Unit 19 Monitor and solve customer service problems
  • Unit 20 Promote continuous improvement in customer service

Organisational effectiveness

Unit 21 Help to monitor and maintain the security of the retail unit

A maximum of one unit can be chosen from the following units at Level 2 (provided on CD)

  • Unit 11 Process bake-off products for sale in a retail environment
  • Unit 12 Process fish and shellfish for sale in a retail environment
  • Unit 13 Process greengrocery products for sale in a retail environment
  • Unit 14 Finish meat products by hand in a retail environment
  • Unit 15 Contribute to dough production control and efficiency
  • Unit 16 Select weigh and measure dough ingredients
  • Unit 17 Hand divide, mould and shape fermented doughs
  • Unit 20 Provide the lingerie fitting service in a retail environment
  • Unit 21 Promote beauty products to retail customers

Retail NVQ Level 3 (Sales Professional Pathway)

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