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    Vocational qualification

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    2 Years




Huddersfield (West Yorkshire)
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Greenhead Road, HD1 4ES


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Course programme


What is sociology all about?
At a basic level, sociology is the study of the society around us and our place in it. The AS course at Greenhead explores the issue of identity. In particular it looks at how we acquire our gender, ethnic, class and national identities. It also looks at the role of some institutions such as the family and the media, and how they help us to play an active role in the contemporary UK.

The A2 course explores the issue of inequality. It looks at why a range of inequalities exist, such as those between different social classes, genders and ethnic groups. It also explores the issue of power and how this can be used to maintain various inequalities in Britain today.

If you are interested in finding out how society works and who the winners and losers in it are, then you should consider sociology.

AS-level course outline

· Families and Households, or
· Culture and Identity

For this unit you will sit a one hour exam


· Education and Research Methods, or
· Health and Research Methods

For this unit you will sit a two hour exam

A-level course outline
· Beliefs in Society, or
· Global Development, or
· Mass Media

For this unit you will sit a one and a half hour exam

· Theory and Methods, and either
· Crime and Deviance, or
· Stratification and Differentiation

For this unit you will sit a two hour exam

Before you start to study sociology
It would be helpful if you have studied a subject like English or History at GCSE, where you have been able to practise writing essays. Sociology combines well with most other subjects in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, including English, History, Psychology and Economics. If you are thinking about a career in health or social care, you might think about taking Human Biology as well.

What can I do with A-level sociology
Sociology is accepted for admission to a wide range of university degree courses in the social sciences (including social policy, social work and education), the arts, humanities, and business studies. It is also accepted for training courses in health and social care, personnel management, leisure and tourism, journalism, the police, legal professions and similar careers, and for direct employment in these and similar areas.


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