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Important information

Typology Course
Location High wycombe
Duration 4 Days
  • Course
  • High wycombe
  • Duration:
    4 Days

Suitable for: All support technicians, systems programmers, systems administrators and operations personnel.

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Where and when
Starts Location
On request
High Wycombe
24 - 28 Crendon Street, HP13 6LS, Buckinghamshire, England
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Starts On request
High Wycombe
24 - 28 Crendon Street, HP13 6LS, Buckinghamshire, England
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Course programme


On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • describe and summarize the IBM zSeries System Architecture
  • summarize the history and development of z/VM
  • describe the z/VM Architectural Design and identify the z/VM component parts
  • describe the format and use of the z/VM User Directory
  • describe the process of z/VM Control Program initialization
  • describe the normal operating cycle of z/VM Control Program
  • use the IBM 3270 terminal interface to log on and operate z/VM Virtual Machines
  • describe the components of a typical CMS Virtual Machine
  • describe the CMS File System and CMS Initialization
  • use basic CMS commands and procedures, including XEDIT, REXX and CMS Pipelines
  • describe the process of z/VM Installation and Customization
  • describe the z/VM architectural extensions, including Diagnose Functions, VMCF and IUCV
  • describe the origin, history, purpose and structure of z/VM Group Control System
  • describe the z/VM networking capabilities, including VTAM, TCP/IP, guest LANs and Virtual Switches
  • describe the collection and use of z/VM Accounting and Monitor records, and the use of privileged CP commands to display current system and user status.

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