Do you still wonder about studying English in the UK? Don’t let the existing myths and prejudices get in between you and this amazing experience.

In this article we want to end those thoughts by giving you all the information you need in order to take the best decision.

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1st Myth: “It’s too expensive”

The truth about it is that is way more affordable than you can imagine. Costs may change depending upon destination, type of course, length and housing preferences. If you plan everything before, you can adjust your budget and chose the most suitable option.


Take in account the importance of looking for the cost of the flights previously, and also, look for special discount for students. This will help you saving some money in your budget!

2nd Myth: “It’s only for young students”

It’s never ever late to develop English skills and to get to know new places. Why not doing both things at the same time?

Travelling, meet new people and explore different places is something so exciting to do at any age, plus, learning to communicate successfully in English will benefit you in every moment of your life, regardless age.

In you can find courses of any type for students over 25 years old. In these you can share with other students with your same interests. They can even help you opening your social network!


3rd Myth: “The best way to learn English is enrolling in private lessons”

The truth is that learning English in an English speaker country will fasten your learning process. Actually, there are several resources to practice English on your own without even getting out of your home! Such as movies, books or websites. There will help you a lot and you’ll learn more vocabulary, grammar and even slang.

So, if you combine these tools with the abroad experience, this will boost your language skills.


4th Myth: “I’ll be lonely”

Not at all! Travelling abroad to study is the best way to get new friends from more countries around the world!

Even though at the beginning you might feel nervous about leaving your home country and getting off your comfort zone, we assure you that you’ll make new friends rapidly.

There’s a lot of opportunities to meet new people, whether it is during the classes or somewhere else in the new city. Most of the students are in your same position, that makes everyone more open to make new friends!


5th Myth: “Studying will take all my time”

You can choose the type of course you want to do. There are several courses that go from two hours a day and more intensive ones. So, setting the schedule depends on you!


6th Myth: “Learning English will take forever”

It’s true that in order to be fluent speaking a new language takes time, but learning the essential such as basic vocabulary and grammar will help you communicate easily at the beginning, just to star with something. It doesn’t take that long!

Various factors affect the speed you master English. This will also depend upon you, how many hours do you practice a day.


7th Myth: “Intensive courses impact temporarily our fluent skills”

How many efforts are you putting to it? The most you practice, the longer your skills will remain.

If you started to study English and you don’t practice regularly, it’s possible that you forget some of the lessons, but, once you start to feel comfortable an manage to break the barriers that usually presents at the beginning, your knowledge will remain.


No more biases! It’s time to take de decision: choose the course you prefer and the budget and travel abroad to your favourite destination!

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