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Can Arts and Crafts be a career?

In the world of creativity there’s a marvellous place for Arts and Crafts, which can be used both as a career or as a hobby. Artists are most common people who create pieces as a way to express feelings and thoughts. In this…

This school is empowering women in leading positions

The arising leadership of women is a social interest. A lot of companies are starting to move around women’s empowerment and even have been creating policies regarding leadership.   Despite this, women face everyday…

7 Myths About Studying English in the UK

Do you still wonder about studying English in the UK? Don’t let the existing myths and prejudices get in between you and this amazing experience. In this article we want to end those thoughts by giving you all the information…

What are the ERP systems most frequently used?

If this is the first time you hear about ERP, then you need to know that it stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s about a planning system in which it’s possible to automate several business needs, for example, the…

Learn the benefits of practicing Martial Arts

Lately, Martial Arts are becoming more and more popular in our society, because it’s known that it helps with a lot of factors in life such as discipline, self-control and even socialization. This is why many people practice…

What you need to know before working at an elderly care centre

Elderly care (also called aged care) is the fulfillment of the different needs that senior or adult citizens can have. Residential cares in nursing homes, assisted living or hospice care are some examples. Elderly care varies…

What Does a Career in Criminal Law Look Like?

Would you like to follow a career in criminal law and become a famous criminal barrister? Find out how to become a criminal lawyer with Emagister's Guide! What is Criminal Law? Criminal law is the law that governs the conduct…

Warm welcome and top facilities bring Mishra to PolyU

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University places itself as a leading university that advances and transfers knowledge, providing the best holistic education for the benefit of students all around the world. PolyU gives Emagister…
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