Real-life issues, professional experiences and cross-cultural competencies are at the core of London Training for Excellence programs. Whether you are thinking of studying Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Law or IT, London Training for Excellence has meticulously designed short, e-learning and training courses for professionals searching to build strong their skills and enhance their employability.

With their headquarters based in London, the London Training for Excellence search to reach astute people to drive forward. They have shared with Emagister their vision and how they have managed to create an interactive way of learning to provide to their students to succeed with a greater flexibility!

London Training for Excellence, focus in real-life experiences

How did the idea of creating a training centre come up?
I have spent years sitting through training courses in my professional career which didn’t engage me as I had hoped. The traditional, old-school training styles with a not very engaging and have a cold training room that is a tiresome and uninspiring environment for the student.
I was sure a lot of trainees felt the same, so I decided to create a modern training centre with exciting and animated trainers from all over the world sharing their knowledge, experience and passions.
This diverse mix of trainers and backgrounds has meant companies have benefited long-term from the courses their employees take with us.

What kind of courses do you offer? 
We offer over 300 courses in a vast range of subjects, from accounting to engineering to sales and marketing. We have an ever-growing bank of trainers who are specialists in their field and can impart knowledge through years of experience and study.

Is there any aspect of your centre that you would like to highlight?
Our trainees are undoubtedly the backbone of our training centre. We have rigorous interviewing processes to ensure our trainers are the best available in their fields. Along with the importance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, we also want our trainers to be friendly and approachable. We don’t want trainees to leave a course with any questions they feel weren’t answered fully or competently and encourage open discussion between the trainer and trainees.

The advantages of being a student at the London Training for Excellence

What kind of jobs can your students choose at the end of the course?
Students of our courses have been successful in a wide range of jobs. A breadth of knowledge is, without doubt, a key in progressing in ones chosen a career. We can also tailor our courses to suit trainees at different stages in their working journey. This means we can cover topics broadly for those interested in an introduction to a new field or in great detail and depth for those in the higher echelons of the business world.

Which advantages do your students have to study in your centre?
Studying with us gives great advantages to a prospective trainee. We have a desirable blend of prime city locations, fully-equipped training rooms, experienced and friendly trainees with years of studying and work in their fields. We also have a popular rewards scheme which provides great value for money for repeat customers and can earn trainees free courses and even flights and hotel stays!

What type of qualification do your students receive once they complete their training?
All students who have successfully completed a course with London Training for Excellence receive one of our desirable certificates. These are earned with much pride and are taken back to employers existing or future to show completion of a course with us.
We are also proud to announce our courses are now CPD (Continuing Professional Development) approved. We are thrilled with this accreditation and understand its importance to our students.

The methodologies for a flexible and innovative approach

What teaching methodologies do you use? Why did you choose them?
We like to include elements of real-life experiences where possible in our training. Our trainers have years of experience in their fields and this experience should be shared in a practical way. Role plays are a key feature as are simulations of situations which are possible in this doesn’t take away from a core theoretical knowledge, but we find it instead enhances this.

Are your courses more theoretical or practical?
We pride ourselves on using a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. Our aim is that by the end of a course, a trainee can solve real problems that may arise in an organisation. Ensuring at the same time to explain the reasoning behind their problem-solving method. This blend of teaching methods ensures a well-rounded trainee is produced following training with us.

What do you think about education nowadays? How has it changed since last century?
Education has changed hugely in the last century. The emphasis has moved largely away from exercise books and reference texts. The introduction and widespread use of the internet has made people at ease with constantly up-to-date information available at their fingertips. Books on contemporary business strategies are outdated almost as soon as they are published. Their use in real life situations is now more a guide than a solution. There has been a certain shift lately, particularly with adult education towards a holistic approach to business and an understanding of practical experiences which trainees can continually draw from and trial in their day-to-day business dealings.

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