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career in health

Undertaking a career in health

Careers in health are focused on different subjects, like preventing, diagnosing and treating patient’s medical aspects, in order to improve their health. A lot of students are attracted to study this career, but sometimes,…
books of humanities

Reasons to study Humanities

The study of Humanities is defined by Stanford University as trying to understand "how individuals process and document human experience". Philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and linguistics have always been…

Sustainability as a professional decision

In a world that develops every day thanks to technology, we need to be careful and have good practices in our activities. This is why concepts such as sustainability are becoming more popular, and people are concerned about what…

Communication skills: a must in your professional career

Nowadays communication is such an important aspect in our daily relationships that learning how to do it properly is imperative. This is why subjects like coaching; NLP and psychology are currently on the spotlight since these…

Sports & Exercise Science: what is it about?

Many people think about sports as a hobby that keeps health habits. But, there are some others who find passion in it and even turn this discipline into their profession. Sports & Exercise Science is the degree that will allow…

Can Arts and Crafts be a career?

In the world of creativity there’s a marvellous place for Arts and Crafts, which can be used both as a career or as a hobby. Artists are most common people who create pieces as a way to express feelings and thoughts. In this…

This school is empowering women in leading positions

The arising leadership of women is a social interest. A lot of companies are starting to move around women’s empowerment and even have been creating policies regarding leadership.   Despite this, women face everyday…

7 Myths About Studying English in the UK

Do you still wonder about studying English in the UK? Don’t let the existing myths and prejudices get in between you and this amazing experience. In this article we want to end those thoughts by giving you all the information…
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