Nowadays communication is such an important aspect in our daily relationships that learning how to do it properly is an imperative.

This is why subjects like coaching; NLP and psychology are currently on the spotlight, since these disciplines help you creating better relationships in a more professional way.

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London Speech Workshop is a communication coaching company that has been improving its client’s relationships since 2008.  They use the Serlin Method in their courses, which merges coaching, psychology and performance.

In this school you can boost your communication skills with their courses. Read this blog article to learn some of them.

  1. Effective communication:

In this course you’ll learn to be more confident in you relationships, as you’ll incorporate verbal and non-verbal techniques, such as writing speeches, doing presentations, how to be more productive at work and having better relations.

These techniques will also teach you how to involve your listeners and impacting their attention through your body movements.

Learn more of this course here.

  1. Accent softening:

If your mother language is one other than English, this course will be perfect for you. Knowing your accent and what are those things you can do in order to speak clearer will help you make a big difference in your communication skills.

Whether you would like to be a great English speaker or want to lose your accent altogether, you will have a coach that will create an environment in which you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

You will be recorded in every session so that you can measure your progress. At the end of your course you will compare your recordings from the first and final sessions to hear how far you’ve come!

Learn more about it here.

  1. Elocution

This course will give you the tools you need in order to improve your communication skills to a more formal way. You’ll receive classes individually with an expert coach that will guide you with a tailored class that fulfil your needs.

The way you’ll learn in this course is through games, since this will make your brain receive better all the information in a relaxed and alert way. Things like controlling your emotions will help you change your behaviour to get better results.

Learn more of this course here.

These are just some of the courses you can do at London Speech Workshop. Take a look at all of them and do not hesitate to contact them through Emagister for further information!

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